Grandma's Recipe Box

Monday, November 30, 2009

On Thanksgiving my aunt surprised me with my grandma's recipe box that I have been looking for since last Christmas. No one was quite sure who got the box or exactly where it ended up, I was kind of afraid it was lost for good. I wanted a hand written recipe by my grandma and I really, really hoped it would be one of the recipes she was *famous* for making. I did find what I think is her pie crust recipe, recipe for hot rolls, fudge, mince meat pie (I still think that's gross, sorry), rhubarb pie (grandpa's favorite), homemade ice cream and much more. I did get a recipe in my grandma's hand writing along with recipes from her friends, sisters, sister-in-laws, my mom and many of her other children. There were recipe post cards sent to her from friends and family, grocery lists and other little treasures tucked into the box. Let me add that this box is not for me to keep, it is just on loan from my aunt, I do get to keep a hand written recipe and will copy all the rest though. I have big plans for a little cook book after the holidays.


  1. That is an amazing treasure. Too bad you get to keep it. :) Old recipes are the best!

  2. Lia-
    I have to admit that at first I DID think she was giving it to me but quickly realized it was on loan! I'm just glad I didn't start crying over the "gift" that wasn't mine! : ) I am determined to actually use some of the recipes---we'll see!

  3. What an incredible gift to you! There is nothing like receiving something you can pass down to your kids too. What joy1

  4. Carolyn-
    I never would have imagined years ago that something like an old recipe box would mean so much to me later on! Now actually trying out some of the recipes is going to be a challenge though! : )


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