Monday, November 9, 2009

Since it is November, I am participating in this Gratitude Flickr group and I am trying really hard to remember to do it every day. The point is to stop and appreciate the things I am grateful for every day. You know, like actually appreciating your health while you are healthy instead of once you have hurt your back and are down for a few days, laying there dreaming up all the things you would be doing if only your back was NOT hurt. Anyway, it's all about capturing all those little things you are grateful for in photos each day. I love this idea along with writing these things down every day as well. It really is amazing all the things you can come up with to give thanks for even on a really bad day. So here are a few of my gratitude pictures from today:

* Playing "coffee shop" with Charlotte at the Park, where all I have to do is pay her a few
wood chips for a cup of coffee!
*Wyatt blowing and making a wish that he gets a really cool toy in the mail from someone tomorrow.
*Getting along with each other, with no fighting or arguing--even if it doesn't last that long.
So much to be thankful for!
Now I am off to charge my camera batteries because tomorrow is Ten on Ten. Hooray!
Happy Monday!

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