I found these little daisy coasters at an antique store in Missouri for $1 and thought they were so cute. I wasn't really sure what I would do with a bag of paper coasters from the 70's but knew I would come up with something.I strung them together and made a little  
daisy chain
and hung it up in my office. Cute, cheap and totally 1970's. Love it.


  1. and ooooh, i love that little nook office of yours - so cozy! i have some christmas ones like these that are from the 60s - i drag them out each year but never knew what to do with them because god forbid if someone actuallly used them as a real coaster! i'll have to use this idea now. - looks cute!!!

  2. that would be really cute with Christmas ones and would look great strung across your fireplace mantle!


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