Friday, December 11, 2009

I think the very best kinds of gifts you can give and be given are handmade gifts. My mom's sister made this berry bowl for me and I am so in love with it, so simple but so perfect! No more getting the big colander down to wash my berries anymore. This wasn't a Christmas gift but an unexpected gift (which is even better) and she made it,  which is the best part of all. Knowing that someone took the time to make something special with you in mind is just the best. Next year I am going to challenge myself to making more of my gifts or buying handmade gifts for the holidays, so much better than running to the store and not being able to find exactly what you're looking for anyway. Okay, now I'm off to wash my blueberries in my adorable little berry bowl...don't be too jealous!

Oh yeah...the exception to the rule for my "handmade is best" post is that it is best of course-except   
when it comes to the NEW CAMERA Santa  just ordered for me! WOOO-HOOOO!

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