Don't Stop Believin'......

Monday, December 14, 2009

Saturday night we celebrated my cousin's 30th Birthday family-style with dinner and a night out on the (small) town. We had a yummy dinner complete with champagne followed by a super-delicious dessert of little ice cream sandwiches with Oreo crust and mini White Russians. Did I mention my brother is the chef? So naturally we got star treatment and a great meal. Our large group crew then headed to a tiny, little bar in a small town nearby-just a fun little bar, nothing fancy, but perfect for us. Cousins, uncles, friends, great food, good drinks, lots of music and more laughs. Or was it lots of drinks and good music? And I'm not sure "GOOD" is the word you would use to describe us all singing  
this Journey song as loud as we could in a bar full of people.....But fun? Definitely.

So these desserts are really from the last time we ate at the restaurant but I had to add a picture and don't these just look so delicious and pretty?

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