Hello, Poison Control? It's Me Again....

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Last night was an eventful evening here at our house thanks to my youngest little angel. At bedtime Charlotte was doing a lot of fooling around, coming down stairs and asking for random things-milk, water, another book...just  the usual variety of bedtime stall tactics. Next time down, suddenly her foot hurt and she needed medicine. She was sent back to bed (again) and then after a while we were still hearing movement upstairs so  Eric went to check  it out. Turns out she  really thought she needed the medicine so she climbed on the toilet, climbed up on the bathroom counter, reached the top shelf of the  medicine cabinet, got the Motrin down and opened the "child-proof" cap, poured one, possibly two (?) little cups full of medicine and went back to bed. Since we weren't sure if she took one or two little cup fulls, which was either 3 or 6 times the amount she should have for her weight, out go the calls to both the doctor and Poison Control. Luckily,  it was the Motrin and not Tylenol she was craving, both our doctor and Poison Control said she might have some stomach cramping but that was about it. Big sigh of relief. Although we had never seen her climb on the bathroom counter and honestly did not think the kids, her especially, could get the medicine bottle open, it has all been moved. And if you think your little sweetie would never do this, think again and go move your own medicine, right now. Please. And as far as any side effects? None. Last night I was so relieved and thankful, it really could have been a serious situation if she had taken the Tylenol instead. Oh, and Charlotte, you ask?
Well, this morning she asked me if she could have some more medicine and then added;
"Please, please, please, Mommy. I promise I won't spill it this time!"
 Dear God, help me.


  1. Good Luck - I think you have your hands full with that little sweetie. Just when I thought I was missing those years...you reminded me how grateful I am to have my sweet 8 year old. We survivied - you all will too.

  2. Karina~
    Do you promise that we'll all survive? : D

  3. Oh my goodness, Amy! I would have been in hysterics! Thank goodness she's okay. Wow...what a clever little thing she is!


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