I Think I Can...I Think I Can....

Friday, December 4, 2009

So, I am still not completely done with the holiday decorations. Still. It seems like it is taking me so long this year and I'm not sure why. I have been arranging, re-arranging and still have more to do. Then there is the furniture, pictures, etc that you have to put away while you have your Christmas stuff out. I am determined to be done with it tonight though, completely. Today I have my two nieces for a total of four kids so that's my excuse for today. By tomorrow night I hope to have all the boxes put away, sitting in the living room, drinking a glass of wine and watching a Christmas movie. I think I can...I think I can....

Yesterday Wyatt made a card for Santa complete with very fancy hand writing and pictures. He put it in an envelope, addressed it to "Santa, North Pole" with his name in the return address box. I thought it was sweet because it wasn't a letter asking for anything he said he just wanted to tell Santa Happy Christmas. Later I heard him opening the front door and asked him what he was doing, he was putting his letter in the mailbox, of course. I told him he needed a stamp so he brought it back inside, worked on it for a minute and then asked me to please draw him a bell.  A bell? He was drawing the stamp on and said all the stamps he sees always have bells on them and he was having trouble  drawing one.

This is exactly one of the things that I am going to TRY and remember this holiday season while I am freaking out about everything I have to do, all the things on our calendar this month,  all the presents I still have to buy and  wondering where all the money is going to come from.
It really is the little things like this that make Christmas special to me.

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