Tuesday, December 8, 2009

So here lately I feel like I am starting to see a small change with the kids, not as much fighting and playing better together. It's not a huge change, it's a small, gradual one but I see it. They play together all the time but there is usually as much fighting as there is playing most days. Lately though it seems like they are playing for much longer periods of time before there is any arguing at all. This morning they played together so quietly for so long I thought something must be going on but they were just playing puppies and Wyatt was trying to "house-break" Charlotte. I hope this is not just a passing phase (not the house-breaking, the getting along) but that they really are just getting along a little better the older they get. One is not what I would consider the leader and the other more a follower as a part of their general personality, at least not as siblings anyway. Sometimes I think this makes the whole fighting/bickering/getting along thing worse the more similar their personalities are. Oh but when they are getting along and playing nicely they can be so sweet and good to each other. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this really is some sort of tiny shift...even if it's temporary.


  1. Oh that's so great, Amy! I know just what you's the same way with the girls. I guess you just enjoy the few quiet {bicker free} moments that you get!

  2. Yes, you have to! Some days I feel like I should be wearing an actual referee jersey but then the next day is much better!


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