Making My List

Sunday, December 6, 2009

 This will be me tomorrow morning except I will have a hot cup of coffee from Starbucks in my  hand and I will be playing the music really loud:

Tomorrow a friend has offered to watch the kids for the day so I could do some Christmas shopping ALONE. Did you hear me? ALONE. Now, I did go out the day after Thanksgiving alone and I ran out yesterday to do a couple quick things too but this is for the day, folks. I'm so excited, I'm thinking I may actually make a little progress tomorrow. I am really hoping to be done earlier than usual this year because I want time to bake and make other gifts closer to the holidays and I don't want to stress about shopping at the last minute like I usually do. Tonight after the kids go to bed I'm going to work on my list and see what all I still need and where I should go tomorrow.
Oh, and what's on my own list? How about acne medicine for someone in their 30's who should not still be getting pimples like this anymore?  The other day when I was in the bathroom getting ready Charlotte got my make-up brush and said; "Don't worry mommy, I'll cover up all your nipples. " She meant pimples. And it was pretty funny so I couldn't even be offended. Wish me luck tomorrow!


  1. I am so incredibly jealous, Amy! Live it up! Have an extra Starbucks Latte for me, will ya?

    You know, I've tried to read your blog before but the links through your comments on my blog haven't worked. But I just went to your Flickr profile page and found the direct link. Sorry I haven't been here sooner :(

  2. I will! And I will be having a yummy peppermint mocha and I will definitely take full advantage of the day!

  3. you crack up! gorgeous pic of you too!
    i had to drive to two different grocery stores yesterday to find more of the peppermint mocha creamer....addicted!

  4. yep, I am totally addicted to the peppermint creamer too, so yummy!


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