Ornament Making::

Friday, December 18, 2009

So the house is a complete disaster, the laundry is piling up and I'm not done with my Christmas shopping-but the house smells sooo good. Since I am in complete denial that Christmas is just one week away, the kids and I, along with my two nieces, made applesauce-cinnamon ornaments today. Does everyone already know how to make these? I know there are several variations but I make them using applesauce and cinnamon only. I buy the bulk container of cinnamon and a couple of big jars of applesauce, depending on how many we're making, and mix it together until you get a good consistency--no measurements, just guessing. Start off with more cinnamon than applesauce and go from there, if it is too sticky, just add more cinnamon. Also, I sprinkle a little cinnamon around on the table to help with sticky dough and sticky hands, like you would with flour when you are baking. They take a couple of days to dry completely unless you bake them (I love baking them for at least a half hour just for the smell!) and make sure you poke a hole to hang them before they dry, I always use the end of a straw. In years past I have made hand print ornaments of the kids by tracing their hands on paper first then cutting out the hand, laying it on the dough and cutting it out with something sharp. The hand prints turned out super cute and we have given them to grandparents for Christmas gifts from the kids. Hang these on your tree, make them into a cute little garland or tie them on top of packages--and enjoy that delicious smell!


  1. I think we're going to have to try these...for the smell if nothing else!

  2. Maegan-
    You should try them, I bet you & the girls would have fun making them!


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