Wednesday, December 30, 2009

You know how when there is something you know you should be doing you can find so many other un-important, unnecessary things to do? Like.....organize the pantry or take pictures of random things around the house.....clean out your desk drawer and bake both chocolate chip cookie bars AND chocolate chip muffins? Yeah, well, that's basically what I'm doing today. It usually takes me just a few days post-Christmas to realize I am over it, all of it, and I'm there now. I am tired of looking at the decorations but am not ready (read: too lazy) to take them down. I am a bit overwhelmed at taking down/putting away all the decorations and finding a place for all the new stuff the kids got. It's almost New Year's and I am mentally ready to put the holidays behind me and free my house and mind of all this clutter. If only I could make myself do it. Hmmm...maybe I'll go clean the kitchen sink and think about getting around to it later on.......
*Oh, and any pointers on getting motivated would be greatly appreciated.


  1. motivation for you - my think of the valentines decorations that are awaiting! we are just gluttons for clutter aren't we - comes with being creative i guess!
    happy new year amy

  2. Yes, you just reminded me of the bag of vintage Valentine's I found at a rummage sale over the summer! When can I put out my Valentine stuff? : )

  3. Mmmmm...I wish I could be procrastinating at your house. I was really intimidated by the job too. But out of the blue today, Brent just brought up all the boxes and started taking down the tree. So, it's almost all put away now and I do feel a bit better!

  4. Maegan-
    We got it all down and put away glad about that! I feel so much better with all the clutter out of the two main rooms, now to work on all the clutter I have stowed away in the rest of the house. UGH!


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