A Big Day::

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Yesterday I took the kids to see The Princess and The Frog and it was Charlotte's first time ever seeing a movie in the theater. She was pretty excited, mostly about the popcorn, but I have to admit; I might have been more excited than her. I love going to the movies and the whole experience of it; the big screen, the popcorn, the break from reality for those few precious hours...all of it. Anyway, on the way there her older, and much wiser (with three movies under his belt) brother gave her some advice: how to sit in the seat so it doesn't keep popping up and not to talk, he also explained to her how the screen was going to be really big, it was going to be dark and it was going to be really loud. While we waited in the long line for snacks the kids ran back and forth from me to the candy case many, many times trying to decide which box of candy they would choose. Oh, the excitement! They both really enjoyed the movie and I loved seeing the look on Charlotte's face when she heard the main princess call the other princess "Miss Charlotte". On the way home Charlotte asked (very seriously) where the man was that walked around and sold popcorn from around his neck in the movie theater so Wyatt explained to her that that was only in the "old-fashioned days". Such a big day for my little girl.

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