Monday, December 28, 2009

We had Christmas/Holiday obligations from last Tuesday-Sunday so I promised the kids that we would stay home and not go anywhere at all today. Our deal includes the kids getting to stay in their pajamas all day, eating lots of snow "ice cream" with sprinkles and whip cream and playing with all of their new stuff. The deal also requires ME to stay in MY pajamas all day, too. I think I can handle that. The kids also get to make a big mess and have all of their new toys out in the living room today and I won't start putting it away until tomorrow. Gotta love these cold, lazy days with nowhere to go, this is my kind of deal. Happy Monday to you! Hope you are all having a nice, relaxing day, too!


  1. Sounds like so much fun, Amy! I think I'm going to go have some "snow" with sprinkles's been a long day!

  2. I hear ya..I'm thinking a bowl of snow with chocolate syrup sounds good! : )
    It is snowing again today so I told the kids I would try to dig up my recipe for making real snow ice cream that we used to make at school, if I can find it.


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