Sunday, January 3, 2010

For the last few days I have been working on my list of resolutions goals for the new year but I'm still not quite finished. Like I mentioned before, I am not really one to make grand resolutions, swearing off this, vowing to never again do that.....mainly because I know myself and I know I would not stick with things I resolved never to do again. Why set myself up for failure when I know in my heart these are things I will not follow through with?  But on the other hand I think that in the past I have used this as an excuse not to set goals for myself, to let myself off the hook, to take the lazy way out...I don't have to vow to always do this or to never again do that, what I am doing is setting goals for myself, steps to take, things to begin.
A few important areas I know that need work are: setting aside time/scheduling exercise for myself, organizing the house better and purging/donating things we do not need, meal planning and healthier eating for myself and my family.  Believe me, there are many other areas of my little life that need improvement but this is where I am starting.
I am excited about the new year and what it will bring. So bring on the new calendars, blank journals and fine-point sharpies because I'm ready for a fresh start.

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