And A Happy Little Morning To You, Too.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Today starts the first day of officially working on one of my (most important) goals: to regularly schedule exercise into my day. And today I got up...and I did it! Imagine that. I was up before everyone else, the house is freezing and dark-but let me tell ya, it feels so good to say I am going to do it and then actually do it. I have gotten so lazy since the time changed here in the Fall and it's cold and oh, so much harder to get out of bed, so this is quite an accomplishment for me. Besides getting up to exercise, I really need a little quiet time in the morning by myself so I am ready to get the day started....and now I think I am.

*Need a little inspiration, motivation on setting schedules/routines, working on goals, starting new habits, etc.? Check out SimpleMom, some great stuff there! And thanks to Maegan for the link, I have found some really helpful information there.


  1. Oh yes...I love Simple Mom! Way to go on the exercise! I really hand it to you for getting out of your warm bed on a cold morning. Wait...I don't even know where you live. Is it cold?

  2. YES! I live in Illinois, and it is supposed to be like SIX DEGREES tonight! UGH! : O


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