Here We Go.....

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

So I sent out a mass email this morning letting everyone know about our little project; Muffins For Haiti. I am both nervous (what have I done?) and excited to see where this takes us. We decided that all of our profits will go to UNICEF. Initially I had a hard time deciding where to donate but after a little research I saw that UNICEF provides clean drinking water and much needed baby formula for babies, among many other things. Decision made. Within a matter of minutes of sending my email I received responses from people already placing their order for muffins. I am on my fourth batch so far today and have a LONG way to I type Wyatt is working on his poster that we are going to hang in the kitchen recording our orders. Here we go...... Chocolate chip muffins, anyone? 


leave me a know you wanna.