Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hear that? Aaahhhh... me neither, that's because Charlotte is sleeping. Most days now I just make her lay down to rest which usually consists of her "reading" books in her bed for an hour or two and it's getting to be where she usually doesn't fall asleep anymore. Some days she will stay in there and read with no problem at all, some days she can't stay in there for even a few minutes without checking to see where her brother is, what he is doing and why he isn't in his room sleeping. I know our napping days are almost gone around here which is a bit of a bittersweet milestone, if you ask me. I am okay with her resting because it gives us all a break from each other and a little quiet time but then there are those days that she does still need some sleep or she is just a big grouch. And when napping starts to interfere with her falling asleep at night I'm ready to let it go...because I  love my quiet time after the kids go to bed. But for now, before she does wake up, Wyatt and I have some Cranberry Muffins to bake and a book order to fill out.

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  1. We're at that point, too. Rayne actually still takes a nap but they are both taking so long to fall asleep {if at all} anymore and then they can't fall asleep at night. I know we should just give them up but I think I still need a "nap time!"


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