Snow Daze

Saturday, January 9, 2010


We wished for snow, hoped for snow, kept our fingers crossed that we would get enough to stick. We get it, lots of it. It's freezing, temps are below zero with the wind chill, roads are bad but that's okay, because we were hoping for a Snow Day. We get two Snow Days in a row, not leaving the house, feeling the itch to get out for just a little while. Still freezing, we bundle up but we can only play outside for a short while because it is so cold. Dreaming of all the things we would do if it wasn't quite this cold but trying to remember that we have been waiting for this snow, the kids are excited and love it. Glad I just bought me & Charlotte new snow boots, wishing I had got her a new snow suit....Promised the kids that we will go out and build a snowman as soon as it gets just a tiny bit warmer, maybe by Monday. Mommy's trying to not go completely crazy in the house and this morning grandma & grandpa offer to have the kids over to spend the night tonight. Offer. Wow. I think we all just might  make it through the Winter after all.

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