I {Heart} Boys.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Mine anyway. Well, actually all boys, but my little boy especially.
Did you know that a boy can make anything be a gun? Nail polish? A spatula? Dinosaur?
All guns. Anything and everything can become a weapon.

*Little boys make the very best spies. A case of dental floss becomes a walkie talkie, binoculars have X-Ray vision and play cameras take real pictures of the bad guys being spied on, aka: me and the dogs.

*Boys are great at making forts, hide-outs and caves...all they need is a table, chair, pillows, stuffed animals and a secret corner of the room. My little guy might just be the best hide-out maker in the whole Midwest.
*Boys love anything with wheels-to play with, to ride in, to look at and admire.
*Boys can make a superhero cape out of a dish towel, an old camera case into a secret spy-pack and my scarves apparently make the best superhero belts ever.
*For a boy anything is a launch pad; a bed, chair, table, steps...you name it.

Oh but my most favorite things about little boys? They give away a million kisses a day, they really love their mommy so much, they make great big brothers, they think their daddy is the coolest person in the whole world and just generally melt your heart and make you thank your lucky stars that YOU get to have a little boy just like this.

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