Oh No, She Didn't......

Friday, February 26, 2010

Oh Yes She Did.
Last week I read this post where Maegan talked about blessings and realities in everyday life and she invited others to do the same. You should go read her post, it's really good.
For me, today seemed like the perfect day.
And I love her quote;
"Because things aren't always wonderful here but at the same time....they are."
*    *    *    *    *
 And let me say that on Fridays I have two extra kids (my nieces) all day, so there is a little more craziness than usual, good craziness, but still pretty crazy. Okay, here we go:
Blessing: I get to stay at home with my two kids every day and for that I am so very grateful.
Reality: Being at home all day every day with two kids is not always fun. Or easy.  There are days that I fantasize about getting ready for work... stopping for coffee, having adult conversations and doing a job that I liked.
Blessing: My kids play well together for the most part, they love to use their imaginations and one of them is always coming up with a new idea-something to build, make or pretend to be. I love that and I love that they each have a playmate.
Reality: Some days we literally cannot go 2 minutes without a fight. Both want to be in charge, both want to boss the other, both have to have it their way. Some days this is very difficult.
A few more of today's realities:
One of the dogs ran away.
I had a cupcake for lunch. That's all.
I stepped in dog pee, barefoot.
I have not had a shower.
Me and the kids are still in our pajamas as of 3:26 p.m. 
My house is pretty much trashed. Pictures for proof:

In the midst of all this chaos I baked a cake, made homemade buttercream icing and decorated the cake- I had to have it done by 5:00, no choice. Anyway,  I was a little busy in the kitchen and didn't know the kids had flattened this box and made it into a slide on the steps until I heard.... "WHEEEE!" Gotta love this little life of mine...in all it's wonderful craziness.


  1. Blessing: no broken bones.

    I currently work outside the home (and inside too now that I think of it) and do the same sorts of lists...

    Blessing: I have a job in which I have the same schedule as my kids. (I teach kindergarten.)

    Reality: I live for summers, vacations, and weekends so that I can focus on *my* babies.

    I have to keep repeating that blessing.

  2. Oh Amy, I love it! I love that you played along, love your house {omg!}, love your outlook, love your list, love you!

  3. Thanks for the inspiration Maeagn!: )

    Dani-No broken bones is a really good one! And yes, keep repeating, that's what I do!

  4. Amy - you are so good. You took on the "love note to yourself" challenge, and now the "realities/blessings" one as well. What a wonderful idea, not only for the moment, but to reflect on in the future as well. I'm thinking of joining you and Meagan in this journey. What a great way to set a positive tone for the weekend - have a great one.

  5. Getting to stay home with your kids is a HUGE blessing.

    It may be a bit messy in these pics (although mine seems to look like that most days), but I think your house is capital A- Adorable. I LOVE those built in book cases with the windows above them!


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