Thursday, February 18, 2010

We really did it. Just one month ago we started our little project, Muffins For Haiti, you can read the original post here to see how it all came about. In one month we have baked hundreds and hundreds of muffins, delivered them, decorated our bags and kept track of it all on a chart. I think I dreamed of chocolate chip muffins at night and the recipe is forever burned into my brain. Originally, I thought this would be a wonderful learning experience for the kids but never dreamed how far it would go. I also must admit that immediately after my initial conversation with Wyatt my first thought was that nothing we did could really help a disaster of such magnificent proportions...so should we really even bother? And the answer was; YES, we have to. Many, many of our friends and family ordered muffins and then after the article appeared in the paper many strangers ordered muffins from us as well. This was not something I expected. We received donations for supplies, we got cards and checks in the mail and sweet emails from people thanking us for what we were doing. So much support and kindness in our little world. I am so proud of what we accomplished with this project and by we I mean every single person that supported us. I think the most important lessons I learned through this is that we all really can do something to help, people are very generous and kind and on a personal note I have come to realize that I really can accomplish anything I set my mind to.

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