Wednesday Is For Baking::

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

 The kids love baking so I promised them we would make cookies today. Wyatt is the expert egg cracker and Charlotte loves to pour in the vanilla and then proceeds to smell it for five minutes...every single time. There is nothing like fresh cookies right out of the oven with a glass of milk--but not for me, I didn't have one (good job, Amy!). The kids each had one though while they watched The Flinstones and argued about whether or not there really used to be cars you could push with your feet. Ha!
*  *  *  *  *
Today we visited the ice skating rink in hopes of getting to watch people actually ice skate but no one was there. We're going to try and go back another time (Charlotte really wants to try and skate!) but we did get to watch the Zamboni, have a snack and ride the elevator. I love how easily amused my kids are.


  1. hilarious -- look at my post for two reasons - the first picture that i posted and for the 2nd reason which i know you will be equally appreciative as i am!

  2. You didn't eat any - not even the dough? You good girl! It's these little moments they will remember forever (and you too). Fun.

  3. Oh...wait..the dough counts? : )

    Jen-Great minds think alike...too funny with the eggs!

  4. See that's so cool that they are amused by the little things. so many kids now a days need to be entertained every five seconds with something new.

    Those cookies look wonderful! I want one!


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