A Day Of Yes::

Friday, March 12, 2010

You know how as moms we tend to start to answer "no" before the kids really even finish what they are going to ask because we know what they are going to say? And we already know the answer will be no. And you know how sometimes "no" is just your knee-jerk response to many questions asked by your kids even when there really isn't a good reason for no?  Please say it's not just me. Well, today I caught myself answering "no, not right now" to Wyatt and when he asked why I thought for a split second and... not having an honest to goodness logical reason for "no", I said yes.
I said yes over and over today.....
Yes, you girls can try on all of my jewelry...
 To Wyatt: Yes, you can take one picture with mommy's camera...umm...please don't drop it. Hurry...
   To my sister-in-law: Yes, you can pick up happy Meals for all the kids' lunch today. Thank you! 
Yes, we can get out all the dress-up clothes now instead of getting ready for naps. 
And have a Dance Contest.
  And yes, the winners of the dance contest (aka: everyone) can each have a piece of chocolate, even if you did already have dessert.
And YES, I do think it's perfectly normal that when we blasted Amy Winehouse for our dance contest my kids know all the words to "Rehab". Don't yours?


  1. Excellent.

    Yes can be nice. And so can dance contests.

  2. Love that. I catch myself saying no all the time. Sometimes it's fun to say yes, even when it's gonna make a mess. And, yes, my kids probably do know the "Rehab" and a few other far worse songs.

  3. Ooooo...can I try on all your jewelry, too???!! I love all those pretty bangles!


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