Baby Lust and a Confession

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Last week I watched a friend's baby for a few hours and I think I had (almost) forgot how much fun it is to have a little one around. Lots of work but definitely a lot of fun, too. And actually she just turned one, so she isn't a little, little one but much littler than my three year-old baby. At one, yes, they are adorable, of course...but they also don't have an opinion yet (well not such a verbal one), can't talk too much yet, let alone argue with you or fight with their brother. That is all still to come. Everything is so new and exciting for them, so much yet to discover. Oh, and those little baby feet! Wyatt adored having a little one around, could not stop kissing her and wanted to help her with everything he possibly could.
Sometimes I find myself looking at the baby stuff in Target...all those tiny little sweet things...trying to think if I know anyone that could use a certain bargain I've spotted....and then I this normal? 
Is this just a symptom of your children growing up...or more? I'm not sure I have the answer but I do know how adorable these little baby toes and hands are. 


  1. I have similar feelings. Part of me longs for a third. I miss: little coos, splayed out fingers, their smell, sleeping close, baby breath, toothless grins, tiny toes...


    I don't miss sleepless nights, having to lose baby weight, leaky diapers, rushing through dinner (out), no overnight visits to grandma's, daycare...

    So, for now...I have two. And I'm OK with that. Mostly. But if there was a "whoopsie" I wouldn't be disappointed.

  2. I hope it's normal because I do the same thing. Especially baby girl stuff. And I want to make baby stuff just as much as I want to buy it. I love it all. I'm kind of with Dani. Maybe I wouldn't be too stunned/ frightened/ horrified if a "whoopsie" happened. Of course that "whoopsie" would be a miracle!

  3. I will never be the one to talk you out of having another baby! They are too wonderful! What pushed me over the edge was when I was asked to give hand scrubs at a La Leche League meeting. Just seeing all those preggos and newborn babies...that was it! Life has slowed down A LOT for us, however...and I thought it was slow before. But it's all wonderful!!!

  4. OH GOOD...I'm not a baby stalker. :) I think it's mostly because I am getting too old and if I was gonna do should be now.

  5. oh goodness, such a timely post in so many ways for me .. love and hugs to you .. all completely normal my lovely ... am not sure the yearning ever goes completely xxx

  6. I do this same thing...I think I want another one. :)


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