I Ate The Pie.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

This might have just been the most delicious peach pie ever, made by my aunt and tasted just like my grandma's did. Yum. Okay, so I didn't eat the whole pie, just one piece, but that was enough. I lost all control overt the weekend, the word "detox" was completely foreign to me. Detox? Hmmm....No idea what that means. And it wasn't just Sunday either, Friday night we went out for Mexican, too. And then there was the Easter candy, which I only ate Sunday and now I am done with it. I sware.
So yesterday the detox started back up and was much harder on me than before. But I must soldier on, I have not been doing so well to fall apart now...and I'm thinking of getting into the kid's Easter candy and throwing away all the Reesees eggs. They are that good and the temptation is that hard.

We had a busy chaotic weekend but it was a lot of fun. The kids didn't get as much sleep as they needed,  were drug around here and there for days and ate entirely too much candy and behaved themselves wonderfully. Funny how that happens. A few pictures from our weekend:
Hope everyone had a Happy easter and a great weekend, the little guy doesn't go back to school until tomorrow, so one more day at home with nothing to do. Yay for Spring Break!


  1. I'd blow my detox on that pie as well. Mmmm. Looks so good I might lick the screen...but that would be weird, so I'll refrain.

    Love your pictures, as always. Enjoy the last of your break.

    **I'm finishing the details on my own little detox and plan on starting next week (?)...

    PS: LOVE the banner...

  2. I think I might have eaten the whole pie. I can't resist the Reese's eggs either. Thankfully, my kids didn't get any this year. Banner love from me, too.

  3. Your kids are too adorable....I love the hand-holding picture. And just looking at that pie makes me feel fat right now. We're not on Spring Break until the week of April 19th. So much to look forward to.

  4. I hear you on the candy.. ohmyitneedstogoaway!!! :)
    The picture of the egg with you in the shot is fantastic (as are the rest!)

  5. reese's eggs are totally my weakness.
    ellie has that same cute, yellow dress!
    detox? wow. even though "can't" isn't a word, that is honestly something that i don't think i could ever do!
    love your pictures!

  6. I love that yellow dress...I've almost bought it twice but restrained because how can a little girl need 20 spring dresses? :)

    I love the egg picture too.


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