Keeping It Real :: Part 3

Friday, April 9, 2010

         What Not To Do:
   *If you see me at Target and the kids are fighting over the popcorn, hiding under the clothes racks or a clerk has been called over to the shoe department because my coffee holder popped off the side of my cart and my $5 Starbucks drink is all over the floor, please don't stop me and say;
               "Don't you just loooove staying home with your kids, Amy? "
                   Ummm...sure, but can we talk about this later? Thanks.

   *And if you call me and we're trying to catch up while I'm trying to fix supper, the kids are fighting and one of them has hit the other one on the head with Batman's chopper, now may not be the time to ask how it's going staying at home full-time with the kids.

    *And when my first baby is only months old and I'm out bra shopping as fast as I can, worried that I am going to start leaking right in the middle of Kohl's, while having hot flashes and feeling quite hormonal, when you run into me please do not do this:
" Congratulations Amy, don't you LOVE being a mom? Isn't it even better than you expected?"
     Oh, and when you hear that I am going back to work in a few weeks? Most certainly do not gasp, put your hand over your mouth and act like you want to cry for me. Not now, please, that's not helpful.
*When I am at the store with Charlotte, who is running a temperature, we just spent two hours at the doctor's office, we're waiting for a prescription to be filled for her ear infection, I'm thinking now is not the best time to tell me that you think me not getting called back to my job at school this year was a blessing in disguise. I think you're probably quite right, but I'm a little stressed right now, thank you very much.

If you still feel that you want to talk to me about how much I love being a stay-at-home mom, and how much you do (or did),  these would be the appropriate times to do so:

 First thing in the morning
At night after the kids go to bed
Over coffee, sans children
While out for a drink with the girls, far, far away from home
While we're chatting on the phone while the kids are napping/resting and I can hear myself think
On the rare occasion that you run into me out in public and my kids are behaving quite nicely, standing right next to me while we are talking and all.

I do love staying at home with my kids, I really do. I am grateful for the opportunity to do so and I honestly wouldn't have it any other way. Does that mean I have to act like every second of every day is pure bliss?  I don't think so. I'm not good at pretending and I really don't like to make others feel like this whole parenting thing is any easy job, it's not. I have to find humor in the bad days, appreciate the good ones and remind myself how fast this time goes.

                             *       *        *       *       *       *        *        *          
                                   Ten on Ten:
Just wanted to remind everyone that tomorrow is the 10th. A few of you mentioned last month that you were interested in participating in "Ten on Ten" next time. You should do it. It's fun! Click on the link above to find out more about it. If you do participate, leave me a link in the comments here in the next couple of days so I can check out your day in pictures. Happy Friday Y'all!


  1. You are completely cracking me up girl. That's why I stopped at just one..... I vote for a long girls night "in" with lots of drinks involved and no required driving home....we'll chat a bit about the kids, but then on to the good stuff - like how cute the new principal at school is, and why my boobs are not where they are supposed to be, and if we would ever get plastic surgery (and those who have), and maybe a good book we are reading, and the cool stuff we found at Target, and do we have hidden tattoos....

    Have a great weekend!

  2. i'm so glad i stopped by today! this is so stinkin' funny. for reals, yo! and true. i love every bit of this post. you are a clever girl.
    i hadn't seen the ten on ten. sounds cool. i think i'm in. and, seriously? tomorrow's the tenth?

  3. It's not an easy job. Parenting is full time with no vacations...only breathers.

    Thank you for making me laugh...and I'm going to try for the 10 on 10 tomorrow.

  4. thank you for this.

    ive been a stay at home mom for the better part of 12 years. (ive had odd jobs on and off.) i love my kids and i love being home with them while they are young, but i also really look forward to when i can go back to work, even if its just part time.

    plus, there are some days i just DO NOT want to be with my daughter ALL DAY LONG. there i said it.

    this isnt to day that being a working mom is a piece of cake either, its hard all around. as much as we love our babes, sometimes kids just stink. :)

  5. I marked it on my calender! I will be doing this!

  6. You are so right on when to talk about how wonderful being at home w/ the kids is ;) I was nodding my head at so many points while reading this post!
    (and what a cool idea, the Ten on Ten!)

  7. Thanks for the back-up girls! I'm glad I am not alone... : )

    And this doesn't make it sound like I started the whole 10 on 10 thing, does it? Cause I totally didn't.

  8. Girl, I feel your pain!! You said it all so well. Some days are not as easy as others..When I worked outside the home, I went out to lunch with adults, got a paycheck and people told me I was doing a great job. This mommy thing is all dedication to the love of our kiddos and it isn't always easy.I still love staying home most days.

  9. Ohmigoodness. This was great. So true. You had me laughing because of the sincerity and . . . you just put it so well. I loved it. I just found your blog via Simply Feather... :)
    I'm your newest Follower :D


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