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Monday, April 26, 2010

If you could wish for anything right this minute...what would it be? I'm not going with any deep, meaningful wishes here but thinking of something more like....*I wish I could just snap my fingers and have my whole house clean and organized. Just like that.
*My second wish....To be at a healthy weight/size and just remain there...without having to struggle at all...actually, that would probably be my #1 wish. Not too much to ask, right?
 *Other wishes would include: falling into a large sum of money but not like a ridiculous amount or anything, just enough for something specific I wish I had a large sum of money for right about now.

 *To be able to snap my fingers and have healthy meals prepared for my family every day, ones the kids would actually eat. That would be awesome.
 My kids love these "poofers"(their word) and I love it that they don't even realize they are considered weeds. They think it is the coolest thing ever that these poofers are everywhere and that you can make real wishes on them. What would you wish for right now?

My little wish jar was inspired by this super cool blog; Kind Over Matter that I recently came across. Go check it out. So much positive energy there, it will instantly put you in a better mood. I sometimes find myself feeling...negative, pessimistic, sarcastic and grouchy, overwhelmed --and I bet if my husband was reading this he would be thinking; "Just sometimes?"-- so I can definitely use the positive energy, encouragement and beauty found there. There is also some really cool art there you can download and print...hooray for FREE ART! Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Love the pictures, Amy!
    I guess we're pretty lucky...no one's really actually picky... there are a few critisism-y remarks once in a while, though:)

  2. I get caught in the cynical-trap. More so this year than in years past.

    My wish: To be able to stay home with my kids without it being a total financial burden.

    If that were to happen a lot of my other wishes would naturally fall in place.

    I keep wishing. And hoping. And dreaming.

  3. Oh...and I love "poofers".

    We have these similar things floating in the air. The Boy pretends he's in Avatar...the chosen one.

  4. I seriously wish my kids would eat healthy meals just like that too (well, Paige does, but Fynn survives off of yogurts, smoothies, and cereal with the occasional cookie or cupcake!)

    And today I'm wishing that the children would just stop bugging each other!!!! :)

  5. I wish......that I was in Hawaii on an adult only vacation with my hubby :D Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

  6. Your #2 wish would be my #1 wish, too. I'm just so sick and tired of thinking about it and planning for it and feeling guilty about not working out.

  7. I would wish for enough money to buy a camper for family vacations and to re-do our backyard! Complete with pavers, lots of trees and great outdoor furniture!
    Oh and a trip with just the hubby would be pretty good too!!!
    Enjoy the night!

  8. You make dandelion seeds look so pretty -- who would have thought! And about the wishes -- I think we're on the same wavelength, but mostly I wish I could keep my kids near to me forevermore.

  9. I would wish for a DSLR. Not even a fancy smancy 20+ mega pixles.. just 10 or 12.. not my cruddy * albeit well loved* point and shoot.

    and the ability to snap my fingers and have everything CALM


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