Friday, April 23, 2010

-love donuts and could eat one every day (I mean, I don't but I could)...a hot, fresh donut from Krispy Kreme is what I imagine heaven to be like.

-am the middle child.

-got engaged at a Lauryn Hill concert in Wisconsin...Eric was acting so weird all day, I thought for sure he was breaking up with me and couldn't believe he took me out of state to do it!

-am not a "let's go dancing" kind of girl. Give me an old, dark hole-in-the-wall bar with a good juke box and great friends over a dance club any day.

 -am trying to plan a weekend get-away with my BFF. And yes, I said BFF...and I am in my 30's, I know.

-wish I were more organized.

-am a doodler, drawer, picture-taker, cake decorator and maker of other various things.

-cannot listen to directions;  if you try to give me directions I will zone out after the first turn/stop/landmark.

-have a date at the tattoo parlor with my sister on Monday-but shhhh....don't tell my mom, she thinks they are "disgusting" 

-struggled with infertility for years before I got pregnant the first time...not fun, not fun at all. 

-love music--all kinds of music.....music makes me happy and is a big part of my life (although I have absolutely no musical ability).

-am not concerned with keeping up with The Jones', or anyone else for that matter,  and could care less about what other people have. I do find it very annoying when people aren't appreciative of what they do have though.

-think that having children is one of the best, hardest and most wonderful things in the world,  all at once.

-have never seen American Idol or Dancing With The Stars. Am I a freak? But I am counting down the days until Friday Night Lights returns. Can you say Tim Riggins-and Coach Taylor? Yum.

-almost always have my nails painted, usually the same ol' color.  Most days I just throw my hair up and look a hot mess when we are at home but it really bugs me when my nails are not painted.


  1. I totally relate to the donuts, lack of organization, love of music, your children, and painted nails, except I just have my toenails painted. All the time. I often paint right over the layer of paint that's already there.

    So nice that you're not concerned with keeping up with the Joneses. Right now I can't stop my jealousy over stay-at-home-moms. I can't help it. That's just the way it is

  2. -have a date at the tattoo parlor with my sister on Monday-but shhhh..don't tell my mom, she thinks they are "disgusting"
    I LOVE that!!! Mine too...I mean, the mother's opinion. Harhar.

    No, you're not a freak for not seeing those shows.
    Me NEITHER!!!

    Sweetness. I like this random you post:)

  3. So fun to find out more about you.....love the selfies in this post - you are one beautiful lady. Shall we take a road trip to the nearest Krispy Kreme....how about I navigate - you drive. Have a great weekend.

  4. Love your honesty Amy!! Curious about what you are doing with sis? do share! thanks for stopping by my blog & becoming a follower:) have a great weekend & enjoy the kiddos!

  5. You took some great shots of yourself. Love the lighting.

    I only watched Dancing With the Stars one season, when Emmett Smith was on. He was awesome. But it hasn't interested me since.

    I'll trust you on the donuts. I haven't had one since I was 12. That's almost 24 years ago.

    I don't do dance clubs, but I do tattoos. I want a get-away weekend with my BFF. I am an only child.

    Cool tidbits you shared.

  6. I am with you on directions!! It's the most bizarre thing. Gorgeous photos.

  7. i loved reading this! and the pictures are gorgeous!

    i could relate to many, but can't.stop.thinking.about.donuts.now.

  8. Good to know you better....I still love that "hot mess" expression. I remember you mentioning it before. Somehow, it makes for a great description. Smiles to you!

  9. Love this post!
    Thanks for sharing so much!
    Lover of music and donuts here too!
    Wishing I had the time and patience to keep my nails painted! :)
    Tattoos...too chicken!
    Enjoy the weekend!

  10. This is a great list! I may have to do my own :)

  11. Ha ha tattoos aren't disgusting! Most of the time I think of it as beautiful art you get to walk around with all the time.

    I love this list <3

    ps. Make sure to show us pictures of the the new ink!

  12. Ahhh...thanks!:)
    I so hate taking/posting pictures of myself but I am working on it, I find it pretty embarrassing...oh well.
    Tattoo day is tomorrow....not sure I will post pics but I will give ya the scoop on how it went. :)

  13. I love these tid-bits about you Amy! And new ink...how exciting! My mom thinks they're disgusting, too...either you get it or you don't. I'm the same way with donuts, directions, dark bars, the Joneses and looking a hot mess darn near daily!

  14. i've known you for almost 30 years now yet i just learned a lot about you in this post!
    love the tattoos plans!
    miss you!


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