What Would You Do?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Today I found myself with a couple of hours all to myself and about $20 in cash. What did I do? Well, it was a beautiful, sunny day so I could not stay inside and fold laundry, clean the bathroom or any of the other million things I should have been doing at home. I stopped for coffee, took a long, nice drive through the country, listened to my boyfriend, listened to nothing but the sound of silence and then stopped at my favorite Nature Preserve for a short walk--well, actually it was more like a stroll. And it was so nice.
So tell me...what would YOU do with a couple of unexpected hours to yourself and only about $20 in your pocket? Oh, and don't you just LOVE how green everything is? I love Spring, I really do.


  1. It would most definitely involve Starbucks, or someplace else to get a yummy overpriced latte ;) And instead of a stroll I'd curl up in the sunshine with a book... preferably on the beach.
    So glad you enjoyed your day - it looks lovely!

  2. Golly. That door thing in the tree trunk is snazzy. Mysterious and fun-looking.

    What would I do???
    Hmm. It would be with coffee. Probably the shop up town that has decent-priced coffee. ;) I'd get a cappuccino or mocha, and a daily-brew on the way out... Then..hm..I'd go to the library after window-shopping uptown in my little town:)

  3. I'd pocket the money for a later date and take a nap. An uninterrupted, fantastic nap.

  4. i'd do just what you just did.

  5. Sounds like a lovely day!
    Not a coffee drinker, so I would skip that part but the walk in the woods sounds perfect!
    I love to sit in our big wooded park with a good book and a blanket. Silence would be my way to go in the car too...never get enough of that!!
    Enjoy the day!

  6. 20 bucks? i'd thrift my afternoon away. do you know how far 20 bucks can go? well, all afternoon, at least!

  7. Oh Amy...that sounds like a dream! My afternoon would probably have looked very similar...especially the Starbucks part!

  8. I think I would have taken my book out on a lunch date.


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