Four Quarts Of Pure Bliss::

Friday, May 28, 2010

 Today we got our first homegrown strawberries of the season. Well, not grown at our home but you know what I mean, not store-bought. Not those huge, crazy, amped-up-on-chemicals strawberries. Perfect, normal-size strawberries that smell as good as they taste. Just ask Miss Charlotte, she ate too many and wasn't hungry for her supper. But that's okay, they were that good.

And my supper? Well, a smoothie of course. Here's how we made ours but I never really measure anything,  so this is all an approximation. The banana was left over from the kids' supper so I threw it in.
1 Cup of vanilla yogurt
1 1/2 Cups strawberries
lots if ice
1/2 a banana
tablespoon of honey
Delicious. Four quarts of pure bliss. I'm also thinking about....strawberry pie, quick strawberry jam, strawberry shortcake......mmmmmmm. Tell me your favorite things to make with strawberries. Favorite recipes? I'd love to hear them. Now I'm daydreaming of making this smoothie mixture and making them into popsicles. That would be really good.
Other good things about TODAY:
Wyatt's grandpa took him fishing this morning and to McDonald's for lunch. no fish caught but he had a great time.
lots of playing/swimming/fighting in the pool
a small dent was made in the laundry that has been piling up mysteriously
perfect sunny day but not so hot, got to turn the a/c off for the day
kid's fighting was kept at "manageable" today as opposed to "out of control", that will be tomorrow.

Happy Thursday, Y'all.


  1. Oh those strawberry photos are beautiful and the one of Charlotte needs a frame!!
    Ok...I need to go make a smoothie!!:)
    Enjoy the day!

  2. Oh goodness, that looks lovely! We've tried to grow strawberries before, but failed...and usually anyways, our garden is full of basil and tomato plants, peppers, snap peas. *sigh*
    So we buy cute, big red ones from Aldi's. Not as good and healthy as yours, but oh well...

  3. I'm so envious! Homegrown strawberries are heavenly. Yum!

  4. We just found out that our local strawberry patch is opening for picking your own this weekend... and we might have to go :) There is nothing better than fresh picked strawberries! I never know what to do with them though, so I'll be making your smoothies this year. Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Your pictures are wonderful. I could almost smell those strawberries.

    My favorite way to eat a strawberry requires no recipe; I just wash them and dig in.

  6. Beautiful photos, Amy! The larger format makes your photos say, Wow!!!! :) Your smoothies look so good!

    My favorite way to eat strawberries is dipped in melted chocolate chips! Yum! I love them in strawberry shortcake with whipped cream also.

    My mom likes them dipped in sour cream, then rolled in powdered sugar. It sounds strange, but it is good...:)

    Have a happy weekend!

  7. That first shot of Charlotte is gorgeous! I like to dip my berries in powdered sugar, too.

  8. Oh I have been craving a good smoothie! I'm going to have to try out your recipe! When I get a bunch of really fresh strawberries, I cannot even help myself from making shortcake...with extra sugar! So incredibly yummy! Oh thanks, I'm craving smoothies and shortcake...

  9. That smoothie looks so delish! I can't wait for strawberries! Your photographs are beautiful!
    I have seen you in a few bloggers I follow comment sections ~ nice to meet you! ;)

  10. who can blame her...given a big batch of those yummy strawberries i'd have done the same. yum!

  11. looks divine! what a gorgeous color :)

    xo Alison

  12. gorgeous photos!!!! ahhh! summer is here!

  13. Now you have me craving smoothies. Your photos look delicious!

  14. Beautiful pictures!! Just found your blog tonight and thought I'd say hi :) Looking forward to seeing more... Blessings!


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