{Wishing You}

Monday, May 31, 2010

A relaxing, restful day doing whatever makes you happy.  Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday weekend!

And as I was reminded this weekend while talking to someone whose brother just returned home from   Iraq after serving several tours there and was just reunited with his wife and young children after several years away; a big thank you to those that have served or are currently serving our country and to their families.


  1. Wishing you a wonderful weekend too and remembering America's Finest as well!
    Enjoy the day!

  2. We're not doing anything special--eating out or whatever-- today... I'm just painting, and persuading myself I can last one day without coffee.
    But I read this blogpost:

    Quite inspiring. Touching.
    Have a lovely Memorial Day!

  3. Great picture!
    I hope you have(had) a great weekend!!

  4. Wow. Great shot. I love (double love) the muted tones. Did you use cross process?

    Have a great weekend with those you love...

  5. Dani-
    Ummmmm....uhhhhh......i guess? :) i just got a new computer and it's a wayyyy newer vevrsion of iphoto than i had before!

  6. oh, and really, i only played around with a little bit, mostly the lighting really did look that way....

  7. I hope you had a really great long weekend, Amy!

  8. brilliant photos- and yes they are deserved of a huge hug!!!!!!!!!!
    melissa x


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