Not an Ordinary Day

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wednesday. It was an ordinary day....but it wasn't. It was better.
 Tuesday night we noticed that our fridge sounded really bad, like a car trying it's best to stay running...but couldn't.....just about to die. For good. Uh-oh, time to go fridge shopping...and quickly. So Eric decided to take the day off at the last minute on Wednesday. He was already dressed and ready to leave for work but then decided to stay home and TCB. Yay!

So Wyatt still had to be taken to school just like every other day... but not by me.
Errands still had to be ran...but it wasn't just me doing them but the three of us. We stopped and got coffee on our way out to Lowe's to go fridge shopping, not an ordinary Wednesday at all.
In the afternoon I got a few things done, with both parents at home things were calmer, kids were separated, not as much fighting.
My rose bush was planted, mulching was done along with other outside work (not by me), definitely not our normal Wednesday.

 We had already planned to go out to dinner to celebrate the last day of preschool but we got to go earlier since Eric was home and had time to play at the lake for a while afterwards. We let Wyatt choose where to eat and he picked the restaurant where my brother works. I thought the benefits of eating at the place where your uncle is the Chef were: getting to make special requests, the kids getting to go back in the kitchen and the awesome food. Apparently Wyatt wanted to go because of the mini swords stuck in the mini cheeseburgers. Whatever. It still wasn't an ordinary Wednesday night for us.
I love days like this where it feels like you are playing hooky, even though it wasn't actually me playing hooky. It was still a special day, not an ordinary Wednesday and sometimes...those are nice. Really nice.


  1. I love that white dress!
    What an awesome day :)

  2. That does sound nice.

    The Mr. is a small business owner...he is just now, after 10 years of marriage taking Saturdays off along with Sunday.

    I feel like he's playing hooky on holidays. Or if we meet up for lunch when I'm on break.

  3. I love those little unexpected days!
    Enjoy the night!

  4. Nothing like playing hooky! It really makes the day more special (even if you had to go out and buy a new refrigerator).

  5. Your pictures are so beautiful!! =) love love the dock one!!

  6. Who knew that shopping for a fridge could be so fun?! It sounds like you all had a good mental health day! Pretty photos to record it all too! :)

  7. Sounds wonderful, Amy! I love when Brent's home during the makes all the work feel less like work!

  8. How fun!!!! Love the photos, as usual :D I am starting to sound like a broken record???

  9. Love days like that! BSD works odd hours and I love when he's home during the day when everyone is at work. It does feel like we're playing hooky.

  10. the toes, the metal gate, the dock photo~ahhh, so beautiful! glad you had had a great break to "fridge shop"~heee, heee!


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