{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Let's meet for coffee again like last week and I will tell you....
*How I think I need to hire a life coach, now if only I could afford one....

*how my to-do list just keeps getting longer so I ignore it.

*how I actually started on that spare bedroom today (yay me!)

*how someone needs to just go ahead and wire my mouth shut so I can lose some serious weight already

*how Wyatt only has 2 days of preschool left and then we are officially on Summer break....wow!

*how I wish Calgon really would take me away somewhere with a Maid and a Margarita Machine...

*how I wish a brand-spankin'-new laptop (mac) would just appear on my desk tomorrow morning-complete with all the software my little heart desires...I'm having serious computer issues!

* how Charlotte said I looked so pretty on  Mother's Day(below) but I think it was really just because I don't usually fix my hair or wear make-up unless I am going somewhere...I'll still take it though!

*and finally how Eric got the official word on this internship program he is going to be doing and how he will be starting his last class in the Fall and then he will have his Master's Degree in Environmental Studies...I'm so proud of him!
 What do you have to tell ME, over coffee, tea or whatever it is you are drinking this morning? I'm thinking Tuesday morning virtual coffee might just become a weekly thing. Have a great day!


  1. I'd tell you you're beautiful exactly as you are and to forget the wires and enjoy your mocha latte!

  2. Hmm.
    *nods head to all the things you told me*
    Yeah, a life coach would be an interesting/good thing;)
    Golly, your cup of coffee looks so much prettier than mine... I take mine milked or just black. ;)
    Aw darn--so sorry about the computer issues! Hope they get resolved soon!

  3. Well you do look pretty! But compliments from a little one go a long way with those fragile egos of ours, don't they?

    And you want to talk weight? I'm trying to walk away my extra pounds -- which isn't going too well because it's either snowing here (on Sunday), cold (on Monday) or rainy (today). My resolve evaporates and I end up being a slug. Argh!

    Good luck with that spare bedroom. Pictures please.

  4. OK, pretty lady. I'll have some tea while you sip your coffee...

    May is my busiest month besides December. I'm scared to make a to do list. I think it's been taking steroids on the sly.

    I am jealous of Wyatt. I want my summer to begin in two days.

    If you find that magical Calgon, then pass some on to me.

    I have some software and camera envy going on myself.

    You are beautiful. Your girl is smart.

    I am in the process of trying to get myself ready to don a swimsuit. It gets harder with each passing year. Working out just doesn't seem to happen...I need one more hour in the day.

    Hang in there...I'm hanging with ya.

  5. Looking good, girl! Weight loss? Bah! Mine isn't going anywhere. Yeah, I've lost some, but I'm only about half way there, and I've made NO progress in months. I wish I didn't drink so many calories in the form of red wine (my stand in for calgon). Um, my birthday is coming up and it's really bothering me this year. 35? Geeze. How did I get here?

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love this coffee idea! Now if I only had time to actually sit and drink it...

    Life coach sounds great, weight loss, well, if it didn't take so much effort... darn baby weight.
    And my to do list... I keep re-writing it, it keeps getting longer, and I keep procrastinating.

    What would I tell you?

    I'm SO tired from two kids who didn't sleep last night.

    Ummm, can't think of anything else because I'm so tired from two kids who didn't sleep last night. :) I'll do better next week.

  7. You started on the spare bedroom? Yeah!!! I started on my office and was wondering if you had started on that bedroom!! See, we are making progress!

  8. Love your list and your Mom's day photo...sweet comment from Charlotte and way to go Hubby!

    Well...I guess I would talk about...

    How busy May is. End of the year parties (I'm the room mom), field trips, special events and teacher gifts.

    How my To-Do list seems pretty unending too. I have been in the habit lately of making my really big master one and then just putting 2-3 things on a sticky note for today...a little less daunting that way!

    How working out has gone by the way side again. Little ones waking in the early morning hours will do that I guess.

    How I am ready for summer too and so are the girls.

    How I wish I had about an hour more each day to just sit and read.

    How our cracking concrete on the back patio looks so terrible but costs about $3000 to fix and who wants to spend THAT on concrete!

    How I would love a new camera...and the knowledge to use it correctly!

    How mother's day was so great this year.

    Thanks for asking...see you next week!
    Enjoy the day!

  9. pour me a cup...
    while i'm still a bit thin-ish, i have some major eating issues. as in, i can't stop. can't get full enough. make it stop!
    i've taken on more major projects than this one gal can handle at the moment, but i don't want to give up any of them! what's a girl to do?
    i'm sick (-ish still today) and must go to the grocery store. we have no food in boxes. cereal, no. crackers, no. snacks, no. so how can i expect my kids to feed themselves while mommy's in bed with body aches and fever?
    and blogger is being a complete turd. complete.

    so nice chatting with you, dearie. until next time...

  10. Oh I need a life coach and a new laptop, too! But seeing as how I cannot afford the groceries this week, I cannot forsee either of those being any sort of priority for a while! And all I can say about weight loss is that when Maya stops nursing, my rump will be in some serious trouble!


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