The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Mom

Friday, May 21, 2010

Remember that book?
But instead of a very bad day it's the very bad mom. That's me. Well, yesterday it was.
Do you have these days? Please tell me I'm not alone.
Days where you have zero patience, and you know you are expecting too much of the kids.
You can't seem to get that tone out of your voice even though you know it's there and you really hate it yourself.
You catch yourself making way too many threats.
You tell the kids to ask without whining but you're pretty sure that's how you sound.
You feel guilty for how bad you want to get away....far, far away.
One of those nights when you are in bed at 8:30 because you just feel bad and want to hurry up and get the day over already.
One of those nights when you can't help but cry once you are all alone...feeling like the worst mom in the world.
Please tell me I'm not alone.
But that was yesterday and today is better. And it's Friday. And just so you don't think I am seriously wallowing in self-pity over here, these are a few pictures that just make me happy. Hope everyone has a great weekend.


  1. maybe you should move to austrailia! that book is an absolute fave around here. it made me chuckle how you changed the title. bad mommy days are just part of the job. no one is at the top of their game, especially not mama's! give yourself a break and keep truckin'!

  2. Of course you're not alone!! Any mom who says that she hasn't been there is lying....or heavily medicated ;-)
    Like you said, today is a new day. Enjoy your weekend!!

  3. oh amy- honey i know just how those days'd have to be a saint or a liar- to be a parent and say you dont!!!!
    love your photos...esp the army men and the baby doll feeding....and fridays are fun- noone feels like this on a fun friday-as you say ...that was thursday!
    melissa x

  4. I think I might need that are so not alone. I just had one of those days yesterday too. Today I keep talking to them about practicing kindness and using a kind voice. I'm telling them this, while really just trying to remind myself. It's nice to hear I'm not alone either :) Here's to new days and a fresh start!!

  5. You know that I understand :) We were there AGAIN today, and it blows. Plain and simple. Fynn had an allergic reaction to peanut butter, after he passed his test months ago... so totally unexpected and freaky. On top of Paige being... oh dear lord... just insane...
    So in any case, you're not alone! I'm glad today was better for you, and I hope tomorrow is even better!!

  6. Being a mom is the hardest job in the world!

    We all know you are not alone. You are human. Hang in there!

    Have a happy Friday (& weekend)....get well..:)

  7. You.are.not.alone. So not alone. So glad today was a better day. As I was looking at those pix I was thinking, HOW did she take such heartwarming pix on a day she felt so icky? Beautiful pix as always. Hugs!

  8. So glad today is better:) Ahhh, those days...

  9. Huh? I have no idea what you're talking about. ;) Just kidding. Of course, we ALL have those days. I'm so glad today was better for you. It's always nice to be able to put those days behind you.

  10. Nope. You have lots and lots of company. Me included.

    The next day is always (usually) better. Glad the pattern continued with you.

    Have a great guilt free weekend.

  11. you are NOT the long run those bad days make us better moms~really! stop on over to my blog & pick up your blog awards!!

  12. Must be something in the air...I have read several blog posts today, and we all had similar thoughts! But isn't it funny, how the next day usually is soooo much better! (I am hopping that works for me today!) ;)
    Glad you are feeling better!
    Enjoy the weekend!

  13. We all have those days. Many's the time I sent my kids to bed early just to get a break from mothering for a while. Hang in there.

  14. Yes, the good days do FAR out weigh the bad ones!
    thank you so much to everyone for all the positive comments and making me feel better--not like the whiny brat I can be sometimes :)

  15. You are sooooo not alone! Some days I just want to give myself a big old FAIL and be assigned extra credit or something to make it better!

  16. Today is a new day. We've all been there... :)

  17. Oh yes, yes I do know all about those feelings.
    There is a reason it's called "fried day" or is that...Friday?
    Oh man, usually I feel so blessed to be at home with my little tribe but some days when my husband is about to go to work I SO want to go and leave him at home with our little bits.
    This mama job is REALLY hard.

  18. Oh, honey. You are SO not alone. We've all been there, and unfortunately we will all probably be there again. The wonderful thing about kids is that they forgive almost immediately and forget just as quickly.

  19. whew, I'm not the only one... :-) had one of those days yesterday... glad I'm not alone... but aren't the days that follow the best... makes it all worth while... maybe??.. hahaha!


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