Sunday Drivin'

Sunday, May 23, 2010

So I was out by myself for a little while today. And it was hot. Like in the 90's hot and so stinkin' humid. Already. Ugh. I hate to be the person that can't wait for Spring and then immediately starts complaining, I really do. But I kinda am. If it wasn't for the humidity.....But then again, I am in Illinois.
 So, back to my Sunday drive.
When I was little we used to go for Sunday drives a lot, the whole family and my dad's mom. I think it was after dinner and then we would take her home because she didn't drive. When I got a little older I think it annoyed me a little, these Sunday drives, unless the end result was ice cream.
But now I love it. I love picking a random direction and driving out in the country. Peaceful and relaxing, nowhere to go or be.
Today I came across someone selling strawberries and although they were all spoken for already but I placed an order for some. I will be picking up my flat Thursday, they looked and smelled so good. If I hadn't been out for my Sunday drive I wouldn't have came across the strawberry man.
Other sights and attractions along the way:
farmers working in the fields, beautiful blue skies and perfectly fluffy clouds. Horses, cows and baby calves. Dozens of fields of soybeans, lots of pretty wildflowers. People on 4-wheelers, a pig farm. Chickens blocking the road, more farmers in the fields. Old beat-up trucks, barns and hay for sale.
Someday I will be living in the country, just outside town. With a huge organic garden and a gigantic flower garden big enough for anyone to stop by and cut them as they wish. We'll have chickens and an old beat-up turquoise pick-up truck. There will be apple trees and a pumpkin patch in the Fall.
We'll have to drive to town to the store but we won't care.
We'll go into the big city for our Sunday drives.
What's your "Someday..."?


  1. That looks, and sounds just lovely, Amy.
    My someday? I'm not sure. It wavers. Sometimes I think that someday we'll live in the city, and walk to a cafe for breakfast every Sunday. Other times I think someday we'll be in the country, much like your someday (except without the chickens... I don't know why but they freak me out!)

  2. oooh i am coming to 'sleepover' when you get that someday sounds like heaven...beautiful photos....
    melissa x

  3. Someday....I'll be living in the big city. Hopefully New York, and I'll have something different to do everyday.

    love your sunday shots.

  4. WOW! The next to last picture? I think this is my vision of Heaven.

  5. someday i'll join you on your sunday drive! ph, and idaho woke up to snow this morning. true dat!

  6. the Midwest is so beautiful in spring/almost summer. your photos are so lovely & so is your "someday". as kids we had to go on Sunday drives~we would look for asparagus along the roadside (guess it wasn't available in the grocery @ that time!) my hubby & I used to take the kids on Sunday drives, but we have lived in the country for 7 years now. no chickens, no pickup, no garden (this year) but lots of lowers & space & swimming in the pond! I will be by on Tuesday for coffee!

  7. Such beautiful pix! It's so fun to spend time on blogs of people who live in different parts of the world. I get to travel without leaving my living room.

    Right now, my "someday" would be to have the freedom to take a Sunday drive alone. :)

  8. My someday is easy.

    I'll live in a little house on the lake near Austin with a garden full of tomatoes, okra, black eye peas, and squash.

    I'll sit on my porch swing and feel the cool breeze from the lake blow my hair and cool my tanned skin as I shell those peas for dinner.


  9. Ohhhh, that's beautiful:)
    We're not far from roads with those views:)

  10. Oh! I love your someday! Sounds lovely!
    I've been seeing your blog on several of my daily reads blog I thought I'd pop over to meet you! I love it! I'll be following so I can come back often.
    Enjoy your week!
    :) Jen

  11. How beautiful! I used to live in Ohio and I miss the farmland now that I live in the 'burbs here in Dallas, TX. My someday would be very similar to yours, a beautiful country house on land surrounded by the beauty of the country! Suzie

  12. First, love those pictures. Just beautiful!

    My "Someday" would be to live in a cute little 1930s or 1940s bungalow in Central Austin, maybe in Hyde Park or Clarksville, that just happened to be situated in a rather large lot with a sunny area for a big ass garden and a shady area for hangin' out. And we would also own a river house in New Braunfels for the weekends and maybe a beach house on South Padre Island for the summers. Of course, this is my "Someday...if we win the lottery."

  13. Beautiful, beautiful pictures. I love views of the countryside.

  14. Ughhh -the HEAT and the HUMIDITY. It is something, isn't it???? I think it is more just a shock after the cold, rainy week we had last week.
    Anyway, love your pics from the drive!!!
    And enjoy your strawberries. I have a feeling that we may be seeing photos of those bad boys soon :D

  15. Beautiful shots, Amy! I love leisurely drives as well! Oh and fresh strawberries...don't even get me started!

    I think someday I'd like to live closer to the ocean so that we can take evening walks along the shore and look for shells!

  16. OMG... this looks just like SWEDEN to me!!! wow! beautiful! love the yellow fields!!

    I want to live in your "Someday" toooooo!

  17. looks just beautiful there! Gorgeous landscape shots. I'm jealous of your warm weather, it's actually raining here. My husband is from Illinois too, I think this is the first summer we are not going to make it back there. Enjoy your strawberries, we went picking just this weekend, yum!


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