The Suitcase Chronicles::

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

So I mentioned a while back that I scored a couple of super cute vintage suitcases at an antique store recently. I have been looking for a while for a couple of small ones for the kids, small enough for them to actually use and carry themselves and I found one. The green one on the right is perfect, now I just need another one the same size. The blue one on the left is just as cute but bigger and has someone's initials embossed on it which I love. I wonder...who did this suitcase belong to? Where did they take it? Was it bought for a honeymoon? A big trip? Where were they going?

I had this idea for a little photo shoot with my cute vintage suitcases for this past weekend. My cousin agreed to be in the pictures and after that nothing else went as I imagined it would. It was nearly 90 degrees and so humid, sun beating down on us, too bright to review the screen on my camera, then my flip-flop broke so I was walking around on this gravel road barefoot. Ummm...ouch. Yeah, not quite as planned. I did get a few pictures I liked and looked at it as a learning experience though.

I have had my Nikon for almost six months now and still have a lot to learn. I have said before I am not a direction reader, it's true. I'm not. I'm also not a manual reader. I know I should read it and it is one of my goals for this summer, to start reading it and learning how to really use my camera. This was good practice though and it's a start. In the next few months I plan to take maternity pictures, newborn pictures and family pictures for friends and family so the practice is welcome. And I like a challenge so this was good for me and still fun.

Don't you just want to take off on some kind of exotic trip now? Get lost in a new city by a far away country? A trip to the mountains, to the ocean, a month long trek in Europe with these all sounds like so much fun.
So tell me, if you could go on a trip anywhere, with anyone, where would you go?
This is a fantasy so things like money, childcare, work and other obligations don't matter.
Anywhere you want. Where would it be? Who are you taking with you?

I think today I would say that I would love to go to Europe for a few weeks, just Eric and I. Paris, Italy...sitting in cafes eating a leisurely breakfast and drinking coffee, people watching, seeing all the amazing architecture, and awesome scenery. Somewhere completely different doing something completely different. A girl can dream!


  1. for someone who doesn't know how to use her camera you sure do a great job. those suitcases are so fun! I like the way you processed your pix to give off a vintage vibe.

    Right now my dream trip would be to hop on a plane and meet up with BSD in Greece. He'll be there on Saturday. And I won't. :(

  2. love your new finds! I found one a few months ago and love it. I have my eye out for some more! and yes, would love to take some wonderful trip some place!

  3. love the pictures.

    ive had my nikon about three months and dont technically *know* what im doing either. i took the first step the other day though and took the manual OUT of the box and left in on the desk. now its a daily reminder to read it. Next step will be to actually read it. ;)

  4. I'm a complete manual geek. Sometimes I fear that it gets in the way of me doing things because I fall into the trap of "if I don't know everything about it, I can't do it".

    Personally, I think it's good to know some basics, but on the scene training is the best teacher.

    Your pics look great and I love the suitcases. Very cute indeed.

    My trip: With The Mr., of course. We would go to Europe and begin by acting out the first section of Eat, Pray, Love in Italy. And since it's a dream trip, I can eat and drink all I want and will actually lose weight. We would also hit Germany (and visit family there), Prague, Greece, and Ireland for sure. Then, who knows?

  5. Love your pictures.
    Hot weather and bare feet on gravel sounds like *ouch*! Ha! But I would do it. ;)
    Crazy us.
    Anyhow, yes. You've made us want to travel now, thankyouverymuch, Amy. :D
    I love those suitcases.
    And I am so not a manual reader. Unless it's under 10 pages long;)

  6. Those shots are beautiful. I love the intreigue that goes with them. And those suitcases... WANT!!
    (and I have had my Nikon for a bit longer than you... and still have yet to read the manual...)

  7. Your vintage suitcase shoot turned out amazing! Very pretty photos!
    It is inspiring, to look at your camera's manual and discover what your camera is actually capable of doing! (Even with some of the older mine!)

    I would love to go to the countryside of Italy, Paris would be wonderful, or I would take a trip to Maui if that wouldn't work!! :)

  8. great suitcases. way cuter than the ones i recently scored! they almost match...
    and great photo shoot pics!

    if i could go anywhere? i'd go to the myself!

  9. Amy, I think you are an excellent photographer!If you are trying to widen your abilities, you might like working with someone who is more seasoned & can show you a few things (in my opinion better than a photog class or reading the manual.) i love the suitcases too!

    i would go back to Italy by boat for the whole summer. and then a couple of weeks in Paris & end it with a few days in Spain, Greece & Ireland. I did a few blog posts a while back on Italy. We loved it there! hugs,

  10. For not being that manual-reading kind of gal, I think your pictures came out really good. You captured the mood and that's what good photographers do (of course, you knew that).

    And where would I go -- right now, anywhere with my kids. They've turned into good travelers. So, I'm game for any adventure!

  11. What awesome finds, I really love those suitcases. I think your pictures are great..I really love the one here of her hand carrying the case and the bottom one with the feet. They really tell a story. I'm not a manual reader too, I bought a book for reference but never really read it. I did take a community college photog. class that was helpful at first because it really did get me shooting in manual, though now I'm lazy and usually just shoot aperture priority, which is fine with me.
    If I could go anywhere?? Hmmm... I've always wanted to go to India and it's probably not somewhere I would take the kids, just me and my hubby. For a family trip I'd love to go to Chile and Argentina.

  12. Oh, thanks so much for all the kind words! : ) This is the first time I have really kind of "set up" something to shoot...well, something like this anyway....I am more of a just shooting daily life as it happens kind of girl, so thanks for the encouragement, i appreciate it!

  13. all of the shots are great. you'd never know it didn't go as planned. i really love that last one! i'm learning about my nikon, too and i have to say that getting a new lens made all the difference for me. it's still a simple one, 35mm/1.8f, but it allows me to get closer to what i can picture in my mind. :)

  14. Love these images! I'm with ya on the learning to use the nikon thing. It's on my list for the summer, too!

  15. I've had my Rebel for about six months now, too, and I still haven't read the whole manual. And it's actually quite tiny. I checked out a Cannon Rebel for Dummies book from the library and hardly opened it. But I'm going to be staying with an old friend in a couple weeks who has the same camera and a boyfriend who is a professional photographer, so I'm expecting to learn a lot. At least I hope so.

    Greece. Definitely, Greece. For like two months. And then Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, and England. With the kids, but since this is a dream, they would be the most well-behaved children ever and they would love everything we do, without any whining.


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