{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's Tuesday but it feels like Monday. But it really is Tuesday.
So grab a cup of something and join me for virtual coffee this morning. You probably have a lot of blog reading and catching up to do after this long weekend, huh? Me too.
So, if we were really meeting for coffee this morning I would tell you......

Well, first I would tell you sorry I am running late because I often do that, run late.

That I saw the Sex and The City movie Friday with my girls and loved it. I mean, it was funny and entertaining and just what I expected. And really? I would sit through anything just to see a few minutes of Aiden...sigh......

That I can't believe it is June 1'st!!!! Wow. Now I feel like summer has officially started.
That I got a new computer last week! My computer was so old and getting really slow and I am LOVING my new MacBook, an early anniversary present from my sweet husband. These pictures were just taken now with photobooth on here...the kids think that's so cool and it is neat to be able to take pictures with no uploading.

We had a great weekend (more on that tomorrow) with lots of pictures to follow. We did nothing on Monday though and it was just perfect. Eric has been super busy at work and we had a busy weekend so it was so nice to just hang out all day.

I'm going to get more strawberries today and my mom wants some to make a strawberry pie...yum.

It's supposed to be in the high 80's today, time to get out the bathing suits and sunscreen....

Oh-and the room I am in above is my little office cubby, it's right off the kitchen and dining room and was where the maid/housekeeper slept back in the day according to our neighbors. Kinda crazy because this is a little room!

Okay so what would you tell ME over coffee this morning? I'm listening.


  1. Photobooth is awesome. Very fun indeed, especially with all the crazy effects. The Offspring can get a little carried away...

    I agree with you: Aiden is super-duper dreamy. I still haven't seen the first Sex & the City movie...it will be ages before I see this one...Give me some spoilers.

    I thought Carrie was the biggest dumbass for cutting Aiden loose. He was hot, made amazing furniture, and you know he had those big strong arms that could just wrap around her. *sigh*

    Strawberry pie. I'm on my way over.

    You should head over here...We have been living in our swimsuits.

    I'd tell you that I'm looking forward to some time alone with The Mr. I don't care what we do. I want to go on dates and out for drinks at the local pub and stay up late and sleep late and be 20-something again.

    I enjoyed coffee this morning!

  2. Hi Amy - thanks for inviting me....I'm out of coffee so I totally needed this.

    I think I'm the only one in the world who did not go to the SEX and the City premier. I don't have HBO so I never got hooked on the original series. But I was that way with Seinfeld too, always a bit out of the loop.

    Your new computer is very cool, and I'm very envious. But the first thing I noticed is that adorable little room and the twinkle lights. So cute and so YOU. Can you squeeze me in?

    I've been missing everyone lately - not hanging out in flickr or blog land much....but hoping to get back soon. We move out of our house here in AZ in less than 2 weeks, and we're still negotiating on a place in CA. I just wonder why people in the real world don't follow the golden rule. I'm not liking the mean, rude, unhappy, evil, nasty, inconsiderate people I've been in contact with lately.

    Looking forward to a change - thanks for chatting - hope to catch up more soon. I'll be back for pie later


  3. Going to see SATC2 on Thursday. Can't wait!

    We recently got a new iMac and the ballerinas are having a field day w/Photobooth. Sending videos to all our relatives. Didn't realize you could upload the pix directly though. Will have to check out how.

    Need to get back into the swing of things after that long weekend. It really set me back motivation wise. :(

    Thanks for the coffee!

  4. I've never had strawberry pie!
    And my fingers are jittery from the 2 big cups of coffee I had over the course of this morning....
    Nice! A Macbook!
    I'm painting more smaller-scale canvases today, different color schemes, which, frankly, I'm loving:)
    Have a good Tuesday!
    Some friends are coming over in a couple hours, and we're going to take a walk, scrapbook (not me), drink coffee, and have dinner and oreo cheesecake I made last night:)

  5. It does feel kind of like a Monday. And, I'm still envious of your strawberries. So yummy. We spent half of our day in a restaurant avoiding leaving because of "scattered" storms that refused to scatter....lovely way to ring in summer. At least my mom was with us, so Levi stayed entertained. Happy Monday...er Tuesday to you!

  6. Yay for new computer!
    I have to tell you - I love seeing your face on your blog (that sounds funny... but let me get to my point...) You just look so sweet, and so kind, like your personality (from what I can gather from blogland...) just shows on your face.
    Anyway, today I would tell you that I'm sorry for showing up unshowered, in my pj's. My intentions to shower were good, but it's a rainy day here, and I just didn't get to it :)

  7. Well, today feels like Friday to me.
    Two end of the year parties in one day...whew!!!
    Tomorrow is our first official day of summer and we are all so excited!
    A lazy day at home sounds perfect...that's how we spent the weekend too!
    Dreaming of your strawberries and congrats on the new computer!
    Enjoy the evening!

  8. I would tell you that you are way to adorable...that I love the twinkle lights in your maid quarters...that I'm way jealous of your new computer...and that I wish I had seen Sex and the City this weekend as well! I love your virtual coffee posts!

  9. i would tell you that I am so so happy that you got a new computer & a mac at that!! woot woot! i was kinda down all day as i missed my kiddos & hubby (post-weekend blues). i luv the pics~you are so cute! i am looking forward to school being out & having time wiht the kiddos. cannot believe how fast this school year went! enjoyed chatting with you & you know I will be back next week for more coffee. hugs, Cathy

  10. I'm with you....These Monday holidays throw the whole week out of synch, not that I mind because it's one less day of work this week.

    Enjoy the Macbook. My son has one for college and we're all green with envy here.

  11. love these coffees .. nothing much to tell really ! great friends visited for the holiday weekend but have gone now so feeling alittle flat .. oh well

  12. Lucky girl on the early anniversary present! :)

    Yes....my days seem mixed up too due to the Monday holiday. I am for sure behind in blogland! It still feels like Tuesday to me!

    We had such fun over the weekend though, so it is ok to be off by one day for that!


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