Are We There Yet?

Monday, July 12, 2010

So we are headed to Michigan this week on vacation.
I am excited!

We are looking forward to...

lots of time at the beach
camping in the great outdoors
lots of swimming
exploring new places
cooking on the camping stove
souvenir shopping
mailing post cards
mini boxes of cereal
being semi-unplugged

Not looking forward to :

1.5 million potty stops
backseat fighting
gas station restrooms
"Are we there yet?" just 15 miles from home
Charlotte's fear of spiders/bugs while spending most of the week outdoors

This week while we were talking about all the things we were going to do on vacation I asked the kids what they were most excited about.
They both agreed that the mini boxes of cereal (that mommy will not buy for home) were top on the list.
But then Wyatt very seriously said; "But I think I'm most excited about learning a new language!"
We had to break the news to him that we were in fact travelling to Michigan, not Mexico.
Poor little buddy... but it gave us a good laugh.

I will mostly be unplugged this week but you know my laptop will be in tow in hopes that I can get an hour away by myself....I'm thinking a coffee shop with internet access, it may be a long shot but a girl can dream!
And make sure you stop in on Tuesday still for Virtual Coffee.
Corrine from Trains, Tutus and Tea Time is doing a Guest Post for me this week and I am so excited.
You guys will love Corrine...make sure to give her some love.
Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. Please post your beach pics! Love that so many people are uninformed about Michigan's beauty! Our little secret?

    I was born & raised in Michigan and spent many days along the beaches! I will have to share some pics later this summer!

    Have a great time!! hugs,Cathy

  2. happy travelling my lovely friend....will you have time to do my 7 whilst in transit....a post about yourself from the road would be brilliant....
    as always LOVE your images....

    *are we there yet*, as the car pulls outa the drive- brilliant- i laughed out loud!!!

    melissa xx

  3. Gah! I love those postcards! So beautiful! Have a lovely vacation. We're off on a mini-outdoors vacation this weekend. We'll see if we have the makings of campers in our family. Enjoy the beach!

  4. oh my..I just want to pick up those postcards and look at them closer. Vintage postcards have such a magical quality to me and those are beautiful!
    Have a fabulous trip...and best of luck :) Can't wait to see photos. I did a little road trip through Michigan a few years's a beautiful place!

  5. Have a fabulous trip! Those postcards rock!

  6. Have a great trip, Amy! Camping in Michigan sounds wonderful! I can't wait to see pictures!

  7. Have a great time! My childhood summer vacations were spent on Lake Michigan--the best beach anywhere, in my opinion!

  8. Definitely go for the fantasy coffee shop and the laptop....sounds heavenly:) And the beach? We never go to the beach. I'm slightly jealous. :)
    Hope the trip is good!

  9. Hoping you guys made it there safely! :)

  10. Yeah for little boxes of cereal! My kids used to love them. Happy trails!

  11. I was the same way about small boxes of cereal when I was a kid. That and fruit roll-ups.

    I wish you safe travels, few potty stops, and lots of fun!

  12. Little cereal boxes are our girls favorite part of vacation too!!:)
    Enjoy the time away and come home safely!


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