{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

{It's Tuesday, time for coffee.
A big thank you to Corrine for hosting coffee for me this morning. After coffee you should go visit her blog here. She is awesome!}


If we were really sitting down for coffee today... I'd tell you...

That I'm almost beside myself with excitement! Being able to sit and chat with friends of Amy is a gift, as I adore her, and imagine that friends of hers are equally warm, thoughtful, and inspiring as the woman behind Virtual Coffee.

July 8, 2010 022

I would tell you about the orchard a few towns over from here where my kids and I spend slow, quiet mornings. How much better their seasonal fruit tastes because we picked it ourselves, fingers and arms dripping with strawberry juices. How we fork over a few dollars for warm cider donuts and sit beneath an apple tree and protect our morning snack from the wandering geese.

July 8, 2010 026

I would tell you how I finally broke down and bought a few new skirts for these hot months. How I hate shorts and live in my jeans. But it's too hot these days. How I'm celebrating the new fresh fabrics and waist bands that haven't been stretched by a pregnant belly. I'd tell you how I swirl and twirl just because I can, and how the fabric swings around and brushes my legs and makes me smile.

July 8, 2010 013

I would tell you how glad I am that my children are becoming friends. How amid the fighting and the tantrums and the "mine" and "don't touch!" they are starting to play together. And it warms my heart and makes me proud of these little beings who didn't chose to live under the same roof, but they occasionally chose to like each other.

July 8, 2010 030

I would tell you that even though it's only the middle of July, I'm ready for autumn. For brilliant reds and oranges, apple picking, crisp mornings and sun kissed sweater afternoons.

July 8, 2010 024

And if you were really sitting across from me, having coffee or an iced chai latte {like me...}, I'd ask you what's on your heart today. What makes it flutter and even what makes it cringe a little. And I'd thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for meeting up with me and spending a few minutes talking. Hearts open and minds focused for just a bit, for smiling and laughing and making the day just a little better with your presence.


  1. Hi, i'm a new follower. I too love how my 2 little guys are beginning a friendship that I hope will last forever. I love to hear them laugh in mischief together. Oh and I'm a jeans girl all the way, do not own shorts and just told my husband I might have to get some... the heat is killing me!

  2. Oh, I want an orchard nearby!!!! That sounds heavenly.

  3. lovely photos.

    im craving fall too. its all i think about latey.

  4. Hi, nice to meet you! Oh boy, am I ever ready for fall....was just thinking that recently *sigh*

  5. Hmmm. You had me hooked with the description of the warm cider doughnut. We have an orchard several miles away that Dad come home with a dozen or so sometimes in the autumn...
    Now I'll be craving one today.
    I love autumn. And spring. Summer is a toughy:)

  6. It's been so long since I sat down with a friend for coffee (or tea) and a chat. I miss that... :(

  7. Oh Corrine, how I'd love to meet you! Your description sounds just magical, and the thing that my heart is yearning for these days. A close friend to share the moments of life with.

  8. i too hate shorts but since it is africa hot here in az i don't have much choice for most of the year. but i do wear skirts about 5 out 7 days. the orchard and warm cider donuts sound heavenly.

  9. What a sweet post. I love the photos and I do feel the same way about my two little darlings. The brief moments of friendship override all the fighting and bickering!

  10. What a great concept. I miss sitting with a friend with a cup of coffee. Thanks for sharing. Stay sweet. ♥tlb

  11. I love your post!!! If I was sitting across from you sipping my tea. I would tell you how much I enjoyed reading your post and that it is really inspiring and that I share your joy at seeing my children become siblings.

  12. Great post and beautiful photos!
    Thanks for filling in for Amy.
    I am a fall girl myself too...love everything about it from the weather to the colors...and the cider and donuts are pretty good too.:)
    I'm heading on over to your blog now!
    Enjoy the night

  13. Thank you so much for having me here, Amy! And it's a pleasure to meet you all over here! (and thanks for stopping by... to the familiar faces ;) )

  14. morning corrine- that was a lovley chai with you- yes i'm a chai girl on {& off} these virtual coffee moments too!

    where you spend time with your little ones looks gorgeous...thanks for the 'meet-cute' and heading over to yours for a lookie...


  15. beautiful post...and wished that we could sit down for a real chai in addition to this virtual kind :)

  16. So beautiful, Corinne. I'd love to have coffee with you! That last little bit read like a poem.

  17. wow just wow... I soooo love your style, you write so beautifully it totally makes me want to have some coffee with ya! I love how you notice all of the little things and have so much passion and joy in your gorgeous life!

  18. Corrine-
    You can have coffee here any time! Wow. Love this post and thank you so much for filling in for me here. Now you have me craving Fall a little here, too....the pumpkin patch, cordduroy and cute clothes... : ) Such sweet pictures of the kids and I love what you said about occasionally choosing to like each other...so true!


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