{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Well, It's Tuesday morning.
Go grab a cup of coffee and get back here...time for Virtual Coffee.
And first, a big thank you to Heather from Blessed Little Nest for hosting coffee this morning while I am away.
I love that this little Guest Blogger experience gives all of us the opportunity to meet new bloggers and other readers.
 And I am so happy that these ladies would want to Guest Post here for me, seriously. Thank you!

If we were really sitting down for coffee I would tell you...
that I am wildly excited to be here today.
I feel like such a lucky girl to be hosting Virtual Coffee
for Amy while she's away.


I'd also tell you that I'm in a bit of a funk over a
certain little boy starting kindergarten in 3 short weeks.

I'm making peace with it...slowly.

It's just that finding the right school is so complicated
and it's left me feeling confused and frustrated.
At this point I'm just praying that we are making the right choices.

We've enrolled him in one school we love,
and have him on a wait list for a second school that's a bit closer to home.
It's practically impossible to get into,
but I think we could love it just as much.


I'd also tell you how the summer heat started getting to me
a little last week, so I decided to pretend that it wasn't 114 degrees
outside and turned the oven on to bake cookies.

I made a family fave, oatmeal scotchies with dried cranberries.
They were delicious and looked pretty on the table, too.
Completely worth the extra heat in the house.


If we were meeting for coffee I'd tell you how happy I am
that I finally finished cleaning and organizing the craft room,

craft room entrance

and now I want to spend the day entire day, and night, in there.

What about you?
What's going on in your life this week?
Let's get a refill on our coffees and chat some more!


  1. I too am having a hard time accepting the big Kindergarten phase that will be starting soon. I took Chase school shopping this weekend... SCHOOL SHOPPING!!! Eeeek.
    And am so envious of your craft room. Can you come help with mine - it is such a disaster - that I don't even know where to start... ugh!

  2. Oh what I wouldn't give for a craft room!! he he! well... I don't have much to give... so I guess I just really really want one! =) Hope his school ends up being a wonderful experience!! My daughter is blessed where she is... and well... with my little man I ended up home schooling... but we feel blessed by the way his schooling is going too! crazy how worrisome I can get over my kids!! I am the queen of worry ... *sigh* =)

  3. Hey Heather :)
    We are two weeks away from having our fourth, yes fourth, kid!! There is a lot I would love to accomplish before she comes and yet a lot of it won't actually happen.
    I think its such a scary and exciting time when your first goes to school for the first time. And second...We homeschooled my first up until the second semester of first grade and am so teetering on sending him to school again. But, he starts the day before the BIG birthday coming up, so he's going. For now...And we will homeschool the second one, first girl, for kindergarten this year. Hope it all turns out for the best for you and I'm sure it will!!
    Love your photos!! Enjoyed coffee with you today, except I'm having a Dr. Pepper. ;)

  4. My middle boy starts kindergarten in 3 weeks too. I'm having such a hard time with it. I've started having dreams about it even! Last night it was that I missed the first day of school altogether. Like I forgot and went somewhere and my sister ended up taking the kids. It was sad. My middle boy is such a shy boy, I'm nervous for him. I really want to homeschool, to at least give it a try, but I don't feel this year is the year to start. Maybe next. Hopefully next anyway. I don't want my boys to be graduating high school and me wonder what it would've been like.
    We're enjoying our summer days while we have them. We went camping. My favorite aunt is here visiting. We're crafting and playing in the pool.
    Thanks for the chat! It's good to share with other mamas who are in the same spot.

  5. Your craftroom looks so sweet with the triangle banner!!
    I can't even focus on your son starting Kindergarten because that means I have to start thinking about my son starting preschool eventually... and oh my word it's too much!! :) But good luck!! You both will do wonderfully!
    And those cookies.... mmmmm..... :)

  6. I drank a lot of coffee to get going this morning. Worn out from my kiddos activities. Thank goodness that their grandparents are spending the day with them! Helped my handyman remove a cupboard in my kitchen which has lead to finding more baseboard within the house & some additional drywall projects.

    In two days I will have a teenager. I am not ready. It is similar to sending them to kindergarten. It is hard, fun, exciting & scary. new phase! good luck with school! tell Amy that we are anticipating her return & that we are thankful that you hosted, Heather!

  7. Hmm. I'm on my third cup of my last reserves--Caribou coffee blend. Gosh. We ran out of the normal dark roast we get at our co-op for a nice price. How did we get that way?!?!?!
    Well. That's me, staying up late reading, needing that coffee in the morning so I can stay awake.
    I bet it's hard letting go of your little kindergartner! But sometimes I think that even as a 19yr old and the third born, our mother just isn't into the concept of letting go all that much either.
    Be progressive! I'm not saying shove him out with the hugest smile ever as only a kindergartner, but ya know.... :)
    That's cool you got to host today's VC!

  8. Your pictures are very sweet! I love the cake plates with the cookies photo, such nice lighting & vintage feel to it! :)

    I have steam cleaning carpets (in hot weather) on my agenda this week. Ugghh! I am about to go deliver my neighbor a birthday gift first though, it's her 35th birthday today.

    My best to you in search of the right school for your little guy. I am sure everything will work out fine...:) Have a great day! :)

  9. oh, Heather! You know I am dealing with this kindergarten business as well although i am still in a bit of denial about it all..... : ( thanks again for hosting coffee for me!

  10. Oh...that was me last year...with the whole Kindergarten bit. I was heart wrenched and heartbroken the whole {and I mean WHOLE} summer. It was awful. And then the day I had to go register her, I cried the whole way home. But you know what...it wasn't that bad. She loved it, made a lot of great friends, and now reads fluently! I wish for peace in both of your hearts over the upcoming transition...you will both do great! And, I'm drooling over those cookies!

  11. I teach kindergarten so I see many tearful moms. It's much harder on them than the kids.

    I've been at the lake all week, so I'm not dealing with anything other than how to get my kids out of the water and making sure they don't get (too) sunburned.

  12. girlfriend, i'd tel you that kindergarten will be okay. that he will love the school he ends up in. that you will find that space when he's at school easy to fill, and want a bit more of it. find excitement in the fact that he's growing and moving to the next phase. there is wonder in the next phase, too!

  13. My eldest is starting kindergarten too! He's SO ready and I'm excited for him!! :)

    I totally get the whole school search. We've been preparing to move to a new town several states away so needless to say that we had several things to consider when searching for housing since schooling is now in the picture.

    We've chosen to begin our time in our new town in a house that is located downtown. An urban living lifestyle will be a new experience for us for sure,(it's in a neighborhood that is known to be one of the most culturally diverse in the country!) but we feel pretty good about it largely because Owen got accepted (after being on a wait list) to a private christian school nearby. I'm SO thankful that he'll be in such a great inspiring and encouraging environment to learn even in the city.

    I'd LOVE to have a craft room like that - maybe one day. ;)


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