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Friday, August 6, 2010

So,  after yesterday's post I thought today's post should be a little happier.
And not psycho- momish. No whining, no tears. 
No leaving here today thinking to yourselves; 
"Oh man, Amy is a hot mess. I bet she's going to be hovering outside Wyatt's classroom bawling all day on his first day of school...that poor thing..."
I sware I won't.

But seriously.
Thank you so, so much for all of your comments and advice yesterday, I so appreciate it! 
Really, I do. I know things will work out and we will all be fine.
And even if you do think I'm a little crazy...thanks for not saying so.
If I just wanted to hear that he'll be fine and he's not the first one ever going to
 kindergarten then I would have called my mom.
Thanks a bunch!

*       *      *       *      *
There is a huge street festival where I live this weekend and I snapped this picture as they were setting up all the rides the other day. I have to admit, I am hoping to get down there around dusk sometime this weekend just to get some cool pictures of the rides all lit up.

 We turned the air off overnight last night and slept with the windows open.
Let me repeat, the windows were open.
That hasn't happened for a long time because it has been so hot and humid.
I mean, thank God for air-conditioning but there is nothing like sleeping with the windows open.
It was wonderful.

I got up early this morning, made muffins for breakfast and watered the garden and flowers, without sweating. It's only supposed to be 86* today. Bliss.

Love to see my little guy's handwriting and see him learning to sound words out. I am realizing that before long we will not be able to spell things out in front of him anymore though. Uh-oh...

Fruits of His Labor: Here are the two whole beans that came fromt he bean plants the kids planted at vacation bible school, Wyatt is very proud. Not much you can do with just two little beans....oh well.

I can't seme to get a very good picture of our kitchen table but here ya go.
We recently acquired this table that belonged to Eric's grandparents; it was their
first table and it's from the 1940's. It's wood with these cool painted flowers on the top.
*Wallpaper gone = ugly walls...time to paint!

Wishing everyone a happy weekend!
We don't have much going on at all and I am looking so forward to it.
A few lazy weekends of Summer left before weekends take on a whole new meaning around here.
What are you up to this weekend?

* Ten on Ten will be next Tuesday. Mark your calendars!


  1. That table is freaking amazing! Seething with jealousy here. Did you decide on a color for the kitchen? Did I miss that somewhere?

  2. Oh my word.
    Did you have to show me those muffins?
    And his hands! Cute!! Love the list:)

  3. I'm glad today is a bit happier.

    Cute table with a good history. It will bring a positive energy into that kitchen.

    86*? Man. I can dream of that number in about 3 more months.

  4. OMG! LOVE your table! Sooo sweet! I just posted about painting my kitchen table today...:)
    Those muffins look yummy too!
    What color is the paint on your chair in your last pic??? So pretty!!
    That list is so precious...:)

  5. Awesome table! And, I am incredibly jealous of the 86* weather. I want some!!

  6. The last few days feel like heaven around here - it is so amazingly nice without the sticky stuff. Although, I am not brave enough yet to turn off the A/C. Hopefully soon, I think she needs a break :D Happy weekend!

  7. Hi Amy, I am so glad I found your blog yesterday. I just love your photos and I'm enjoying getting to know you. We have a lot in common from what I've read so far. :)

    I LOVE those muffins! They look delicious! My stomach is growling now! lol The table is beautiful! I love everything with a story. We have an old table like that that was oak and had some flowers painted on it. We had just taken it out and put it in the corn crib for storing because I moved a new piece in, and the next day we were hit by a tornado that blew our corn crib down and the table was crushed. :(

    I hope you have a great time at the festival and I look forward to reading your past posts. :)

  8. Have a wonderful weekend. Lovely photos :)

  9. we had a few of those heavenly days around here last weekend. it rained so much it cooled the air down alot. my hubby and i actually enjoyed sitting in the backyard sipping a beer for the first time in months!

    i'm excited for 10 on 10. its the day henry starts school!!


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