{school supply love...or: how i'm really dealing with kindergarten}

Friday, August 13, 2010

I have a confession: I love school supplies. 
I do.
I love shopping for school supplies and it is the one thing I have really been looking 
forward to about having a child in school.
I love a new box of pencils.
I love fresh crayons.
New boxes of markers.
Pencil boxes.
Glue and scissors.
Paint sets.
Pads of lined paper.

We had to buy everything on Wyatt's list and then some for home.
Because us girls need our own supplies too, right?
Maybe we didn't need that many boxes of crayons but I just don't think you can ever have enough. 
Oh and have you seen the new Crayola markers made from recycled plastic?
These are made on a Solar farm from recycled bottle caps, 
so you know I had to buy extras. 

I wish school started after Labor Day here so I could go crazy shopping for 
jean jackets, all things corduroy, orange and brown along with some cute brown boots. 
But that will have to wait just a little bit longer. 
We will be lucky if it's not 100* when school starts next week.

And what exactly is it about buying school supplies anyway? 
Anyone else share in this love with me?
I think it is the anticipation of school starting.
The fresh start that the new school year brings.
It is the nostalgia of our own school days.
New schedules, new routines and new friends.
Oh, the possibilities.

"Don't you love New York in the fall? It makes me wanna buy school supplies. 
I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address."
-Joe Fox, You've Got Mail
*     *     *     *     *
I know we're nowhere even close to Fall yet but I do love that line from You've Got Mail and it is helping me get through this. Well, that, the shopping and maybe the margaritas. Whatever works.
Happy Friday everyone!
Hope you have something fun planned this weekend...
have you started your back to school shopping yet?


  1. Beautiful photos! I too LOVE school supply shopping. I have 3 in school now and I still love, love, love it. I always looked forward to it as a child and had so much fun picking out my kitten or horse Trapper Keeper! lol My kids love picking their supplies out too and I hope they make fun memories from it like I have.

  2. You've made going back to school look beautiful!

  3. I love that line from You've Got Mail. . .I was thinking about it last night as I wandered thru school supplies!

  4. I love shopping for school supplies, office supplies.....

  5. I wish I was as enraptured with new pencils as you...but alas, I've been jaded.

    We are done shopping for the most part. Just missing a couple odds & ends.

    And it won't be fall-like here until at least November. That's how Houston rolls.

  6. Oh..I just love the closeup of the crayons! I get so excited about a new box of crayons too. I hope my kids are a little bit more anal about taking care of their crayons when they are older..so far, everything is immediately messed up and never put back in the box. :)

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE shopping for school supplies!!
    Must be the former teacher in me...no I have always loved it!
    Love You've Got Mail too...just caught it on A&E or TNT or something a few weeks ago.
    Enjoy the weekend

  8. love school supplies. we went shopping for my son last night and i have to say its a lot less interesting in the bigger grades. we had to buy things like scientific calculators and protractors. fortunately i have one going into kindergarten too so i can still have a little bit of fun.

  9. I plan to homeschool my kiddos and really don't have any great memories of school, but I still LOVE the school supply aisles. I could get lost on them...and go broke on them. I don't get it. They are addictive.

  10. I just adore new school supplies :)
    I had no idea about the new recycled markers! How cool!
    Love that movie...

  11. HA!! I have been thinking of that exact line too as we get geared up for school.... I love that movie :D I am anxious for fall to hit... this weather is crazy. So are the mosquito's!!!! Love the photos :D

  12. I just love your pictures and the way you describe buying school supplies.

  13. Me too! Love to buy school supplies. Did as a kid and now as a parent too. Funny, though. This year I am not rushing to the store to buy them. We have until Sept 7 so I don't have to rush, but I usually am much more into it than I am this year.

    Love your pix as always!

  14. With 4 children in school, I had to start a while back so I can spread it out and look for deals. Beyond the usual pencils, crayons and markers, my 7th grader needs a $100 calculator. WHAT? We weren't allowed to have those when I was in school and now they have to. Go figure.

  15. gorgeous photos!

    and you are definitely not alone. i'm slightly obsessed with school supplies. and office supplies. which are pretty much the same thing, right? i'm so obsessed that i deeply breathe in the smell of office depot when i walk in. is that bad? anyway. school supply addict here too.

  16. How funny, when I started reading your post I was thinking of that line from You've Got Mail. This is a great post and reminds me of how we used to shop for school supplies- now that my daughter is in 6th grade we do it on line. And every year I remember how much we loved shopping for crayons and watercolors...

  17. I love school supplies. Love them. And Joe Fox too. One of my most favorite movies ever. And that bookshop. I would love to visit it with little ones in tow. (big sigh).

  18. i watch that movie every year, when i'm ready for summer to be over. that line is one of my absolute faves from the whole movie.

    so glad you guys got to go get school supplies. henry's school shares supplies so we only got to buy him a backpack. my wallet liked that idea, but the nerd in me was a little sad about it.

  19. You make back to school look like so much fun and so pretty! I cry when my kids go back to school...I love spending time with them. Hope you have a lovely weekend and thanks so much for participating in the weekly challenge. The more the merrier...right?


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