Why Don't You...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bake something for a friend and deliver it to them.
Or do something unexpected for someone...just because.

*     *     *     *     *
I have a friend who just moved into a new house and is due to have her second child next month and another friend I was going over to hang out with last night and I decided to take them muffins.
I still have a freezer full of blueberries from Michigan that I need to do something with after all.
I also made a batch for Eric because he does love my super-easy blueberry muffins 
with the delicious crumb topping...if I do say so myself.

So yesterday Charlotte and I  spent the afternoon baking muffins for our friends while Wyatt
was with his grandma & grandpa shopping for school supplies.
We turned up the music, put on our aprons and got to work.

I stopped by the cake shop and picked up some cute liners and a few boxes.
Because cute liners, a box (as opposed to a ziploc bag) wrapped with twine and a little
 card add just a little something extra and really does make all the difference. 

Who doesn't love to receive something freshly baked...
Or something from your garden....
Or a bouquet of flowers... just because?
I know I do.

I think these little gestures, disguised simply as something fun for the kids and I to do,
is such an important lesson.
For my kids, for myself, for all of us.
It really is better to give than receive.
It feels good to make others happy.
I'm now flashing back to my mom saying this countless times throughout my childhood and me(sometimes) rolling my eyes at her....it stuck though.
I don't think we're going to change the world by baking muffins...but then again, maybe we will.

And do you know what I left my friend's house with last night?
A bag of roma tomatoes, cucumbers, cantaloupe, eggplant and mint from her garden.
Lucky me.

*      *      *      *      *
If someone was to surprise you with something today, anything...what would it be?
I'd love to know!
Hope everyone is having a great week...the first day of school is exactly one week from today!

eta: *{blueberry muffin recipe here}*


  1. You are such a sweet friend. I love the cupcake papers, they are so adorable! I bet your recipient's were so happy! :) You are right, it is so much more fun to give than to receive. :)

    Let's see, if I were to be surprised with something today, I would love to be surprised with my friend's chicken salad and crusty bread.

  2. That is so sweet. My mom will often send me little gifts just because. Yesterday I got a package...she sent me an inexpensive watch that I love. Some days my assistant walks over with a cute cookie...it's really the little things.

  3. I think I want to be your neighbor! Your photography is soaring to new heights....Who would have thought to make cupcake liners look so pretty? Amy, that's who.

  4. I need someone like you in France! Your photos are just amazing :)

  5. Beautiful ideas,,,,and very beautiful photos to join those nice ideas!!

    How do you make your crumb topping for your blueberry muffins? I have been looking for a good recipe for that!!

    Have a happy day!

  6. That's such a beautiful idea. Great lesson to teach too. You know what? I think I will whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies to give to my mum to take home with her today. She will love it.

  7. Hi Amy,
    Thank you SO much for adding the link for the recipe!!! :) YUM!!!!

  8. Good on you!

    I'd love the garden goods. One thing I miss about living in a small town was how all the vegetable gardeners would bring you some of their over-flow.

  9. I absolutely love your blog and this post. I notice you have a photo blog as well. I have two blogs including one for photos. I couldn't see a way to "follow" so I'm going to grab your button. ~ Blessings to you!

  10. Beautiful photographs! Inspiring books! And your blueberry muffins sound delightful! My daughter just brought some home from Michigan. Can't wait to bake!

  11. I do believe you can change the world by baking muffins :) Doing little things like that, for me, is so selfish in that it brings me so much joy! Love it!

  12. What a wonderful message for today.
    Can't wait to try your blueberry muffins, we sure do love the chocolate chip ones!!:)
    Enjoy the day

  13. You are such a great friend! I am so lame - I usually end up pulling through the dunkin doughnuts drive-through to buy muffins for occasions like these. Although, any recipients are probably grateful that I do this instead of trying to bake them. :D

  14. thats it- we really need to be living next door to one another...the box of muffins {ours are always banana} is the icing on the cake of our little bloggy friendship...
    ...you are just lovely..

    enjoy this last very special week with wyatt

    melissa xx

  15. Yum! We're going to go blueberry picking this week before the season is over. Will try out this recipe. Thanks for sharing!


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