{will beg for peaches}

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Oh, peaches.
I want peaches.
I have been craving and dreaming of my grandma's peach pie.
Today I am really wishing that I would have had the foresight to have her teach me how to
 make it along with her famous pie crust years ago.
But I didn't.  
I really hate that since it is too late now.

One of my aunt's makes a wonderful peach pie too and I'm thinking
of maybe asking her to teach me.
Anyway, in search of peaches we headed to an apple orchard about a half hour
away today that also sells peaches.
And they were gone.
I called another aunt that has peach trees but their's are already gone, too.
A day late and a dollar short.
She did say she could spare enough frozen peaches for me to make a pie though.

So all was not lost because it was a beautiful day for  a drive through 
the country and a morning at the orchard.
It is still just a couple more weeks until the apples are ready to pick so in the mean
 time we had to pick up a jar of apple butter and apple donuts.
They said we could pick a few apples so we did and Charlotte picked some that had
 already fallen off the trees, too.
Next trip we will get enough for pies, muffins and all that good stuff.

And next time we go I hope to be wearing a little sweater and boots and to be drinking apple cider.
Okay, that might be pushing it but a girl can dream.

*     *     *

I'm hoping to attempt my peach pie next week after I get the peaches.
Wish me luck.
Pie making does not come natural to me by any means but I figure
 I've got to start somewhere...


  1. Sweater and boots and apples oh my! :)
    Heaven. Absolute heaven.

  2. I won't see sweaters or boots for a while. But I'll take the sweets that fall brings anyways.

    These pics are classic. Really nice.

  3. Beautiful photos once again - I have never had peach pie, but then I am English so plead ignorance and deprivation in equal measure :-)

  4. love the photos. . .

    and apple pie sound so good, but I also love peach pie. . .

    BTW loved the idea of linking up on virtual coffee, but I was so busy this week. Are you going to do it again??

  5. you ever heard that song about peaches? who sings it? i can't think right now...

    milllions of peaches
    peaches for me
    millions of peaches
    peaches for free

    i'm gonna go out in the country
    gonna eat me a lot of peaches...

    the presidents! that's them. i totally digressed here. but your post put that song in my head! it's a great one. look it up.

  6. I was thinking the exact same thing...

  7. Okay - that LAST SHOT!! WOW. It is really... REALLY.... something.... I can't even come up with the right word...... AMAZING/GOOD/PERFECT/BEAUTIFUL.
    This was a great post and I can't wait to hear how the pie turns out.

  8. these pictures are gorgeous. today was our first brisk morning & i'm just ready to embrace the seasons as they come. each one has their own special things that we can love!

    [i just caught up a lot here. and subscribed.] =)

  9. I think I know the orchard you were at and yes, we are waiting for jeans and hoodies before we go!!:)
    Beautiful photos Amy!
    Enjoy the day

  10. just gorgeous photos! i want to fall into them and spend the day there.

    good luck finding peaches. that always happens to me with rhubarb. i never think to get it until the season has passed. peaches are really worth hunting down, though. peach pie might just be the best kind of pie there is!

  11. These photos are my favorites right now. I have been dreaming of a really good, crisp apple lately. I haven't had an apple in months b/c they just suck when they're not in season.

    I wonder if we still have any peaches here. We haven't gone peach picking in a few years. And I love peach cobbler. hmmm...

  12. Sigh.
    The pictures, my dear.
    Sigh again.
    Really? You took all those pictures?
    [Man, it's beautiful.]
    Apple season! Golly! It's almost here! I love cider. :)
    {{{p.s. do you think you could go in the comment moderation and make it so there's no word specification thingy?? 'Twould be so much easier, one less step, to comment. :) Just a thought!}}}

  13. Beka-
    Thanks for letting me know that the word verification thing was on here...I didn't even realize that and I seriously *hate* that thing, hopefully now it's gone! : D


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