{365-in' It}

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just though t I would give you a little update on y 365 since
I haven't  talked about it much lately.
So I am moving right along with it, 
Only maybe like 340-some days to go or something like that.
I haven't missed a day yet and I know you're probably thinking that's not
 that much of an accomplishment because it hasn't been that long
 but I will tell you, in the beginning there were a couple of nights
 where I didn't even think of it until like 7:00 p.m.
Not good.

Life gets busy, days get busy and especially if we are away from home 
for the day it is really easy not to even think of it.
I totally agree with Maegan who suggested to get your camera out early in the
 day, that way you are not doing the 7:00 scramble, like me.
Because really, the point isn't just to get my picture in for the day but  to be working
 on my skills and learning more about photography and my
 camera throughout this whole process, right?

Check out these slide projector trays.
I found a Kodak Slide Projector, four slide projector trays and a 
projector screen at an Estate Sale recently for a total of $9.
I was beyond thrilled with this find.
 And the projector works!

I think (and hope and pray) that someone in my family still has
old slides that belonged to my grandma & grandpa.
 I think they do....someone, somewhere.
How cool would that be, to watch old family
slides on an old slide projector?

So, f you are doing a 365 yourself please let me know how it is going for you...
how many days in are you? I'd love to hear how you are doing!
And if you're just thinking of starting a 365?
I totally think you should.
And is anyone else out there obsessed with Estate Sales like I am?
I had not been to one until this past summer and I am totally hooked.
I am a rummage-sailin', antiquing kind of girl
 but this might just be my new favorite.


  1. just found your blog from Corine's blog, after reading her virtual coffee post, it was so lovely it made me want to join the fun! :) I just started a 365 project as well, it is oh so much fun...thus far. I am two weeks deep. LOVE your shots here...the lighting is just perfect. and i have never gone to an estate sale, but i think i might need to. I am all about thrifting and garage sales...thanks for the share!

  2. I actually remember sitting in my grandpa's dark room (he was a mega photography buff) and watching him play slide after slide. I loved those times with him. I think he still has the slides. I should ask him. Anyway this totally reminded me of him.

    I'm doing a 365, too. Mainly because I L.O.V.E photography, but also because it speaks to the heart of me. I'm on day 16 (today) and I've posted 1-15. There was 2 days (when everyone had the flu) that I was STUMPED. I had no idea what I should take pictures of with a massive headache that only a massive pill could cure.

    Good luck on your 365... although I love all your pictures. Actually in fact I love your blog.

    I like to antique, but because we are in the process of moving I haven't bought anything in a year. UGH!!! I can't wait to fill my home with love again.

  3. my grandma has all of that at her house -- i want to have all of my mom's childhood slides put onto a dvd -- as well as all the old filmstrips that we discovered in a cabinet -- we have the same addictions -- coffee, photography and garage salin'!

  4. Almost everything I own is from a rummage sale or an antique store! Now you have me thinking I should do the 365...(insert swear word)

  5. I do a 365. I started on January 1st. I've got a photo for every day...only 2 were taken the next morning because I had, ahem, had too much fun the night before and "fell asleep" before I got to take my picture.

    As you can see, I take a lot of my pics at night. Especially during the school year. That's when I'm home...that's when the activity takes place. So, I have literally looked at the clock saying 11:49pm and thought, "oh shit. What can I snap?" But it works out.

  6. I started a 365 in January and I was a big failure. I would love to try it again. We'll see.

    My parents have a bajillion slides. All of my childhood is recorded in slides. We had a screen, but never one of those fancy carousel projectors. Ours is a slide the slide into a slot, rotate it around to the bottom for viewing. There are 2 of these slots and you have to keep pulling the viewed slide out to put in the next slide to view. Does that make ANY sense?

  7. Oh hey, I'm in there too, looks like we started around the same time - I'm on day 26 now. It's dark here by 7:30 pm and still dark at 6:00 am so it's a feat sometimes to grab some light. But it's making me think in expanding ways and I'm grateful for that. On the weekend I was so down I had had a huge cry and decided to take some self portraits with my point and shoot after to see if I could see what I felt. Kind of strange, I admit. But there are some great moments too like when I move to automatic and actually understand what's going on (brief, fleeting moments there).

  8. I have fond memories of my grandparents pulling out the slides of their old family trips, and me and my family sitting there talking about memories! :) I miss those nights


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