love it.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

oh, this song makes me happy.
it just does.
i love the manhattans.
and i love that feeling you get when you hear the frist
 few notes of a song you really love.
don't you?
the song that puts a skip in your step, a smile on your face
 and a song in your heart.
(no pun intended)
i'm serious about my music.

when one of those songs unexpectedly comes
 on the you forgot about...
one that makes you feel like this....
what song is it?
please do tell.

but for now go listen to my song
and have a fantastic day.
you're welcome.

{ps- if my husband ever gets our front porch painted i am going to
be kind of sad, i love that blue chippy paint!}


  1. hi amy - ok, so i used to think I was creative until i made your blog my homepage -- you are amazing amy. that store i always talked about that you, tara, and i could have - i would be the janitor i think!!!!
    love all your pics -- and just listened to your song while making eggs for the girls!
    miss you

  2. Love that song! I'm working on music stuff today too...for inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love that song, too. I happily popped over to jam to the song as I bounced around my living room dusting. SO yes, thank you!

    I like the blue chipped paint, too by the way.

  4. My song is "Home" by Edward Sharpe :)
    (I love your blue porch too!!)

  5. I really love that chippy painted porch! It's great!

    Thanks for stopping by to say hi! :)

  6. My go to song has to be John Meyer "Say What You Mean To Say." I love that paint chipped door look too, it says character.

  7. the song that makes me dance-in-my-seat happy is always "Suite Judy Blue Eyes" by Crosby Stills & Nash. When it comes on I have to listen to the entire thing--its a long song. Makes my whole day better. Thanks for reminding me--it's been a long time since I listened to it! I'm off to find it on my iTunes!

  8. I have a few of those songs. They can turn a whole day around.

    I love your blue chippy paint. Leave it be. It's the bomb.

  9. That is a darling photo!!
    (don't let him paint over that chippy blue - it is amazing!) Hmmm - I always do a little jig when Brown Eyed Girl comes on. Guess what color my eyes are?

  10. Stunning picture, love your chip porch paint. The lyrics to your favourite song are very beautiful!

  11. Oh no - don't paint the would have to find a new favorite photo backdrop. You know how much I love this shot.

  12. Love that song!! Thanks for the flashback!
    Aubrey and I loved swaying, snuggling and singing together before nap time!!:)

    How about this's been one of our faves lately.
    Don't ya just love youtube!?!:)
    Enjoy the day...and the song
    Oh and BTW...keep the blue chippy paint!

  13. Music has a great way of making a soul happy! :)
    I love your blue chippy paint. What is the name of it???? :) Inspiring!!

  14. Talk about a beautiful porch:)
    Lovely music, too, dear!


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