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Sunday, September 12, 2010

{Saturday Morning}

 Saturday morning was another gorgeous day with very few plans for the day.
I sat on the couch right next to the front window with my coffee and toast with apple butter.
There was almost a slight chill from the breeze coming in but not quite, it was sunny and beautiful.
I can't say it enough; I love this weather. Love.
The kids were in their dress-up box early,  putting on hats, vests and badges as they
were a cowboy and cowgirl.
They played in the basement, near daddy, so I could hear them and they would
come up and show me what they had on or had me tighten a holster but
 I had plenty of quiet upstairs for a little blog reading.
I  love these Saturday mornings.

{Saturday Night}
A much-needed date night.
Kids stayed over with their grandparents.
I had plenty of time to get ready...the curling iron even made a rare appearance.
Make-up, shoes, nails polished.
Ahhh...date night.
Mexican and margaritas...our usual but always fun.
Date night is not over-rated, not at all.


Sleeping in Sunday morning.
Some quiet time to look through cookbooks and clean the house.
Got ready for company.
Family over for Sunday Dinner.
Cooked out, all the kids played together.
The dads walked all the kids over to the playground while
the moms got to stay behind and hang out.
Another beautiful day.

Making memories, relaxing and having fun.
Oh, how I love weekends like these.
Nothing we had to do but just a whole lot of things we wanted to do.
I hope you had a happy weekend!


  1. Sounds wonderful. I can't wait to have one of those soon!

  2. So glad your weekend was special...and fun...and included a margarita.

    I'm taking my turn next weekend. Kids will be at the grandparents' while me and The Mr. hit the town and enjoy a rock show (that he's playing in, of course).

  3. What? No pic of you all gussied up? wahhh!

    That pic of your bed looks so cozy and inviting. Perfect for lounging on a Sunday.

    Glad you had a great weekend. It really does sound perfect. Relaxing and rejuvenating.

  4. This is such a beautifully written post. I would love your weekend! Well, mine are really kind of similar but not for a moment do my tsunamis leave me alone. So, all as you have written it punctuated with "Muuuum, can I" and "Muuuuumm, where's my" and "why do you want to go out with daddy and not us?"


    PS - LOVE those beige little mary janes. Love.

  5. Those are the perfect kinds of weekends. They are my goal every weekend.

    Also, that pitcher of roses is beyond gorgeous.

  6. Pretty pictures as always! Your weekends sounds lovely. Oh I do love date night too, though I don't seem to get enough of them.

  7. beautiful pictures! That shot of the shoes makes me happy. LOL I love shoes. :-)

  8. Sounds like a perfect weekend! I also love this oncoming fall weather, it is my absolute favorite. I was a dress-up fanatic as a kid, my mom had boxes of her mom's beautiful old dresses and shoes and other treasures from her hayday. And date night plus family dinner, two more of my favorites. Seriously, what a great couple of days! Mine was hectic but had some very nice parts :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Wonderful weekend....Love your pictures. You have an eye for it! (And I love Fall too. After this stinking, hot summer, I welcome the cool crisp air).

  10. What a perfect weekend!
    I soooo need a date night!
    Enjoy the day

  11. what a great weekend amy - can picture you in that cute little office nook that you have!
    we'll be home in nov (not oct) to enjoy that weather! can't wait!

  12. That sounds like the single most lovely weekend ever! good for you =0)

  13. i love weekends like that! so relaxing and i always feel recharged and ready to take on the new week. my kids stayed at their grandparents house over the weekend too, but we spent it repainting and fixing up henry's room.

  14. Sounds like a wonderful weekend, how nice to get out for a proper date night too.

  15. We need a date night... bad. And I'm only slightly jealous of yours.

    By the way your home looks so uber cozy.

  16. Love the soft, dreamy colors of your home. And the shoe photo - it could be in a magazine! Date night (time together) is so important - we have six kids and I know all about "time out 4 parents"...That's what we call it :)

  17. Beautiful home you have there, Amy! I love the colors in your dining room. Love that blue with that brown table...makes me want to paint my dining room blue! :) I also love the retro-looking flower patterns you have going on in your bedroom and vanity collections...so sweet!


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