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Monday, September 13, 2010

Just  had to join in on all the lovely fun this morning.
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Remember how a while back I talked about trying to do more family dinners?
Well, I think we've been doing pretty good. 
I'm kind of proud of us.
You know with Eric's work schedule, school, homework, internship and just
 life we really do have to schedule our dinners. 
But it's working.

So last week we had dinner planned and at the last minute I decided we 
should make it a picnic dinner so we headed to the park a few blocks away.
The weather seemed too perfect to be inside.
I fixed dinner and the kids and I packed up our vintage picnic basket.
They each had jobs; get the cloth napkins, wipe off the
 picnic dishes, count out the silverware, pack their water bottles, etc.
They were excited. A night picnic!
On a school night!

Earlier in the day my little helper and I had made cupcakes for dessert, complete with sprinkles.
Real picnic dishes (one of my best ever rummage sale finds = $3 for this whole vintage set of dishes!),
cloth napkins, pyrex bowls and real silverware. It's really not that much more work.
I know it's a bit of a cliche, the idea of not saving your good china
for that someday in the future,  but it's true.
Okay, so mine was just plastic picnic dishes, not china,  but you know what I mean.
Use them today.
 Make a regular meal a little bit more special, a little more fun.
Because really, what are you waiting for?
It really does make your average meal just a little bit more lovely...
or "fancy" as Charlotte says.
Don't ya think?

Life Made Lovely


  1. i definitely think so! and so much more fun, especially when you get to eat off of those super cute plates. i'm a little ashamed to admit that I didn't realize melamine plates could be so pretty. those are soooo lovely! i'm going to have to be on the lookout for pretty plates during my thrift store trips! thanks for the inspiration. :)

  2. What a lovely life and those cupcakes look delicious...especially on those plates. Love it.

  3. that looks like such a lovely thing to do.

  4. I love picnics! And now that we (finally!) have patio furniture, we have no excuses not to eat outside more!

    The plates are lovely. I'd use them all the time too!! :)

  5. what a lovely dinner! (and extra special with the cupcakes and pretty dishes!)

  6. I want a picnic! I really wish that Nick didn't work until 7pm during the work week. I guess I could keep the kiddos up just a little later, but then they are hyper-tired if they stay up too late.

    Wonderful post! Made me long for some looooonger days of summer. I'm really trying to come to terms with fall falling upon us.

  7. Corrine- I can find the recipe if you want but it's chickpeas, feta cheese, olive oil, basil and tomatoes. I altered it a little, didn't actually have everything I needed. You grill pita bread and the serve it on or in them. Yum! oh and super easy which is a must for me : ) !

  8. absolutely! i love this. and i want those dishes. it's a good thing we don't get thrifty together...i think we'd brawl over a thing or two!

  9. Lovely indeed.

    Those dishes are the bomb.

  10. That chickpea salad looks delicious, my youngest is crazy about beans, so she'd love it... What a great idea for a mid week picnic... My hubby is in grad school and setting us his own business at the moment and so we only get to eat together at the weekends... I think if it's sunny this weekend, I'll steal your idea. Take care. Lx

  11. I could use one of those lovely cupcakes right about now! Yummers.

  12. Yum, what a marvellous idea having a picnic dinner. As the weather gets warmer over here, I think I picnic dinners will become a regular thing in our family.

  13. You're such a cool mom! Love the picnic. That salad looks sooooo good! And the black frosting has me ready for fall.

  14. I think my girls would flip for a night time picnic...especially on a school night!!:)
    Very Lovely
    Enjoy the night

  15. Picnics totally rule at this house -- easypeasy fun. And I love that your daughter says "fancy" -- that's a big word around here, too. I use it quite often myself!

  16. Yes! I think it is soooo important to eat together, and to make dinner time FUN! Be creative, be spontanious...I love it!

  17. I am SO jealous of that picnic basket! Thanks for the inspiration...I have to make some cupcakes now- they look DELICIOUS.

  18. What a lovely idea. It is still too hot here for picnics outdoors but I hope once fall really arrives we might manage some. What a lovely picnic basket and the plates are delightful.

  19. Looks like a yummy and memory-making picnic for your family. Very sweet!!

  20. Mmmm.
    I thought that was chickpeas I saw!
    Lovely, dear. Sooo lovely.


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