{An Autumn List}

Monday, October 4, 2010

Since we are officially into October now...
Welcome Autumn.
So happy you are here.

We celebrated the first day of Autumn with a special family dinner.
 I made dinner and the kids helped set the table and made
 a special centerpiece of acorns and buckeyes.
We lit candles and all used real wine glasses. We are brave.

I absolutely love Autumn, I really do. But sadly, it is just way too short. 
It feels like no sooner does Autumn start than it is over and Winter is showing her face already.
And I am usually not near ready to see her face.
This season goes quick so we have to savor it and squeeze in as much as possible.
So I made a list.
Of things we hope to do, make and see this Fall.
And it's a lovely little list.

 My Autumn List:

Visit the Pumpkin Patch
Buy mums for the front porch
Buy myself a new pumpkin candle
Make a pumpkin pie
Go on as many afternoon walks with Charlotte as possible
Collect buckeyes
Have friends over for fondue
Make pumpkin bars
Buy a new scarf
Make a new wreath for the front door
Make (and drink) mulled cider
Celebrate both of my kids' Birthdays
Eat apple pie
Carve pumpkins
Go to Boo at The Zoo
One more trip to the Apple Orchard
Eat a double-dipped caramel apple with nuts
Watch You've Got Mail (the perfect Fall movie) at least once
Decorate for Halloween
Attempt to make vegetable pot pies
Go to a football game
Try this drink at Starbucks

So, there's my list.
I just love all the changes a new Season brings... in my old age I have decided it is
 best to embrace these changes since there is no beating them.
And yes,  I do realize that a month from now I will be whining for 
daydreaming of Summer. But for now,  I am so ready for Fall.
Bring it on.
Do you have a list? 
What's on yours?


{I'm linking up with Heather today and sharing my lovely little Autumn List.
Check out more loveliness on her awesome blog!}


  1. Beautiful pictures... love the shot of the apples in the bucket... you really did fit a lot of Autumnal things into your weekend... I think I'll get cracking on a pumpkin pie! Lx

  2. May I just steal your list? Except I'll only celebrate one of my child's birthdays instead of both. Otherwise, everything else on there is perfect!

    Also, you just made going to Starbucks a "must" on my to-do list for today. I need to try that hot chocolate pronto.

  3. I think I will just do your items. I LOVE fondue. *swoon*

  4. This is a great autumn list and I agree with Virginia! I also love the photos.

  5. That's a great list! My list has quite a few of the same. But this year, I really just want to take Evie apple picking, and then perhaps just bake a trillion apple things. =0)

  6. Great list Amy!
    Why should summer have all the fun!
    I think every seasons needs a list!
    I see something on your list that is definitely on ours!!!:)
    Enjoy the day

  7. What a great list, Amy! Chock full of things I hope to be doing here as well! I love that shot of the yarn! But oh...don't buy a scarf...you should learn how to knit. I did last year and I'm making scarves like crazy this year! It's a very relaxing hobby!

  8. Yeah, I love autumn too.
    If only she could stay for an extra month or so and cut that time out of winter's allotment... :)

  9. can i just copy and paste your list onto mine. i like everything you have on it. i heart fondue!
    hopefully fall will begin to show its face around my neighborhood this week, cause it's still be so warm my kids were swimming in the pool yesterday.

  10. I don't have a fall list but yours sounds fabulous. I am looking forward to going to the pumpkin farm and the arboretum pumpkin house exhibition too. Here fall lasts a good while and this year especially I am so glad to finally see and feel it's arrival, to be able to go outside and play without melting.

    Now I feel the need to make a fall list too :-)

  11. Um, I pretty much love your list!! We also celebrate my firstborn and my birthday in the Fall!!
    Please share your pumpkin bar recipe...

  12. Love your list.

    Mine includes: buy new boots for the family, crochet a sweater or two, bake pumpkin laced goodies, start drinking hot tea instead of iced, go camping, crochet a scarf and hat for all my peeps, stay in and watch movies together...

    That's a good start.

    I might steal this. Warning.

  13. Great photos again and a wonderful list!

  14. What a great list!! My friend Georgia is setting up a fall blog swap, and anyone can join in...they are SO fun, if you are interested you can get more info at http://moderncrush.blogspot.com/2010/09/its-time-for-swap-autumn-swap.html

    The basic concept is getting paired up with another blogger and exchanging a few gifts based on your favorite aspects of fall.

  15. I want to actually make caramel apples this year. I bought the stuff a couple of times last year, and we just kept eating the caramels before I had a chance!

  16. Pumpkin picking and the state fair are on our agenda over the next week or two. I love Autumn!!

  17. you are so fun! your blog makes me so happy. i love your list, and i agree, i would love to just steal it :) they all sound great to me! love all your photos too!! so cute!!

  18. my lovely amy...i am not making a list of my own...
    i am just going to use yours...
    lazy i grant you- but yours is soooo LOVELY!!!!

    or you can have me and the fam just all move in....!!
    this weekend is our start to autumn decorating and i can't wait now...

    melissa xx

  19. my autumn list includes making homemade apple pies for our upcoming Thanksgiving weekend and a family drive to view the changing colours as well

  20. At the top of my list is decorate for Halloween. The plan was to do it on Sunday, but it rained all day. We spent the day being totally lazy and it was awesome!


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