Sunday, October 3, 2010

My boy turns six today.
I seriously feel like these last few years have just flown by.
I know it is oh-so-cliche, but sometimes it truly does feel like you turn your back and they are older.
And bigger. And more grown up.
My little boy is just growing up right before my eyes.
He is smart and bright and outgoing. He is a comedian and a daddy's boy. 
He has a wonderful imagination, he loves making things and figuring things out.
  He is very curious, likes to make everyone laugh...he is caring and thoughtful 
and loves his role as "big brother". 
Oh, and he's really pretty cute, too.
He is everything we hoped for...
He really is.

If you are new around here or haven't heard me mention it before, 
 we really struggled to get pregnant the first time, 
it was a couple years in the making and Wyatt is just exactly what we wished for. 
{He is the egg that didn't "look very promising", that still makes me smile} 
He was worth the wait.

I am one proud mama to say that this is my little boy.
There has been lots of celebrating (and last minute shopping!) this weekend.
The birthday boy has requested bacon, cinnamon rolls and orange juice for breakfast.
He really hopes to wake up on his Birthday and see us at the table waiting
 for him with his presents sitting there.
He hopes to get an "army-man outfit", a ring-top spiral notebook 
(so he can keep his pens there),  and a Birthday card.
I don't think he'll be disappointed.

 We are looking forward to a great day spent with my family.
Happy Birthday Wyatt James!
We love you so much.


  1. what a great birthday tribute. happy birthday to wyatt!

  2. I'm think its awesome that you have that quote about the egg to look back on a laugh. . .I am sure at the time you weren't laughing but it so wonderful that it all worked out and that he has so much promise!

  3. happy birthday! these pics are awesome!

  4. This is beautiful. I bet the wait makes it all that much sweeter for you.

  5. he is just gorgeous...happy birthday wyatt....
    my son sol looked , and sounds personality wise, soo similar to your lovely boy...i totally understand how *blessed* you feel to have him amy...
    what a lucky sister charlotte is....
    enjoy his 6th year...

    melissa xxx -> that one was for the bday boy from ol'blighty....

  6. What a handsome boy and I love the photo shoot with the balloons.

  7. I love the shots with balloons too, Happy Birthday

  8. He was definately worth the wait! Happy Birthday! I love the balloon shots. It reminds me of Sam's 3rd birthday when all he wanted was a room full of blue balloons. They don't ask for much, do they :)

  9. Happy Birthday Wyatt! Your sweet words brought tears to my eyes. He sounds like such a beautiful soul.

    P.S My son's middle name is James too :)

  10. Ahhhhhh, sweetness!
    Happy birthday, Wyatt!
    Gosh he's cute:)

  11. Happy birthday, big guy!

    Celebrate to the maxx!

  12. What gorgeous photos he'll have to look back on! He sounds like a precious, precious boy. Hope he had a fantastic day!

  13. Lovely photos and a lovely birthday message to your special little boy. I hope you have had a wonderful day celebrating.

  14. happy happy birthday wishes to you wyatt! i hope your day was wonderful!

  15. Amazing how time flies right?!:)
    Hope Wyatt's days was simply beautiful!
    Love your photos Amy.
    Any time you want to practice on non-family members...drop me a line!!!:)
    Recognize that backdrop. (not literally)
    and those skies...breathtaking!
    Enjoy the day

  16. This post made me cry. Wyatt is such a neat kid. I remember finding out that you were pregnant down at the cabin. You were worried that weekend because you were having some problems. Several months down the road my mom told me you were finally showing and looked so cute! A few months after that, on a pretty fall morning, I got the call that it was a boy! From day one he was bright-eyed, alert, and ready for the world! I still remember that cute little scowl he used to do around the time he turned one. So funny! I hope he had a great birthday. You should be proud of that little guy!


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